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Sleeky Insights: The Process Behind Your New Custom Website

Maja Krajewska
30th September 2021
2 minute read

All websites built by our talented team are completely bespoke and built to our client’s unique specifications. Our in-house experts ensure each of our projects exceeds expectations and fulfils the client’s business requirements.

In order to hit the nail on the head with each of our custom-built websites, we will work within the following framework.



Web Spec:

All clients will complete a website specification to determine exactly what they’re about, what makes them tick and what they expect from their brand spanking new website. We’re a friendly bunch and often help clients in this process ensuring nothing important slips their mind.

Nowadays, this usually takes place over the phone or via Zoom & Microsoft Teams but we are looking forward to meeting clients again in person very soon.



At this stage, our client will receive a proposal outlining our recommendation of features and functions for their site. This document will also explain the ins and outs of Sleeky services available, pricing (there’s no topic that is too taboo for us!), a suggested site map and a quote specific to the project.

At this point, the client will review their proposal and consider any suggested extras ranging from website plugins to digital marketing and SEO.

Design and Development Time:

Once project details are agreed upon, it’s time for our designer to make some magic.

Our graphic designer begins by designing the homepage first, seeking feedback often ensuring the client’s creative vision is accomplished. Each project is looked after by the project manager so the client is in the loop at all times!

Once the general concept is agreed upon, the graphic designer will continue to develop further subpages.

Once complete, the client will sign off the designs and our team of web developers will proceed to build and develop the website further.

This is a hugely satisfying stage in our development framework as it allows for client-specific content to be populated into the website. This is also the stage that is the most time consuming for clients themselves if they are creating new content.

Sleeky Tip: Make sure you have preplanned what content you would like to use on your new website! Content creation is a whole project in itself and requires a lot of brainpower. Make sure you have photography and copy ready for our web developers to use.

Don’t worry if you have no time for this – we offer a copywriting service and can direct you to one of the best media creators in the area – Media Borne.


Client satisfaction is a priority for Sleeky therefore we take client feedback seriously and consider each of the pointers carefully.

Once all amends are signed off and all we see is green then it is time to go LIVE!

The timescale in which we complete projects is between 5 – 8 weeks for custom websites if not quicker.

Make sure to check out our custom-build portfolio to get an idea of what’s possible in web design and development – our portfolio can be found here.


Are you ready?

We are super communicative, rapid and we’d like to say that we have a good sense of humour therefore your project will glide along our framework as if on skates. Drop us a line and let the magic happen.

If you’re wondering about costs: check out our quote calculator.

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