Sleeky Insights: A Day In The Life Of Our Graphic Designer

Hannah Telford
1st July 2021
2 minute read

Meet Molly, the creative and visual force behind Sleeky’s web design projects.

In this chapter of Sleeky Insights, we take a stylised step into her world. Delving into a day in the life of our graphic designer, we learn how Molly captures a client’s vision and communicates a brand’s identity through memorable motifs and eye-catching web design.

As our in-house graphic designer, Molly is the typography whizz-kid, Adobe Illustrator expert and Photoshop aficionado.

What do you do at Sleeky on a day-to-day basis?

Molly: Every day is different but I’m usually working on a logo, print or web design project. Web design (surprise, surprise!) is my primary job at Sleeky and I spend a lot of time designing homepage concepts including layout design, typography and colour. The objective of a homepage is to create a visual hook that makes the website stand out and ties the concept together.

What is your favourite aspect of working as a full-time graphic designer?

Molly: I love logo design as it usually has quite a bit of creative freedom and I love coming up with subtle concepts that reflect the company. Creating a face and a visual identity for a brand through logo design is really exciting and rewarding.

Do you have any daily rules that you work by?

Molly: Balance, hierarchy, the brand and uniqueness are all elements that I strive for when designing websites. I have to have a clear understanding of the company and what they’re looking for.

With logo design, I usually create three initial concepts with the existing brand material in mind. These help to determine fonts, colours and set the tone for the brand.

My top three rules with any design are that they have to be eye-catching, simple and reflect the company.

I always have to think about how the visual will work on different brand material; for example, with print design jobs I have to think about whether the design will translate well on paper.


Tell us more about your print design process, as that seems quite different from web design!

Molly: Yeah it is! Mainly because I am creating printed materials for brands that already exist. This means using their existing materials to create new design that will flow consistently with their visual identity. I have to bear in mind their use of colours, fonts, imagery and layouts so that the printed materials tie in perfectly with the brand.


What else do you do on the daily?

Molly: Brand guidelines is another interesting graphic design service that Sleeky offers. It involves creating ‘rules’ on how a company or designer can use their brand. This includes information about fonts, imagery, colours, how to use logo and images and possibly layout material. I enjoy making these as they usually look really clean and help a company develop a brand.


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