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Let’s catch up!

Chloe Toogood
17th January 2023
4 minute read

It’s coming up to the end of the year, so what better time to catch up on some of the projects that we have been working on over the past few weeks and months?

Grab a cuppa, sit back, and let’s show you some of the stunning websites we’ve been able to create for our clients!

It has been a busy year for us at Sleeky with more clients than ever, and that means more chances to make our mark in the web design world. With clients spanning over many different sectors, there is always something interesting that we’re working on, whether its food related, or more commercial. That’s not to say that there haven’t been challenges along the way, but it’s always good to focus on the positive rather than the negative!



Nourishing Long-Term Partnerships

We are so pleased to announce that we are strengthening our longstanding partnership with the Malhotra Group, who are leaders in the Care, Leisure, and Property industries!

We have been working with the Malhotra group for some time now, and it’s always produced some amazing results (see below for our work on their restaurant, Leila Lily’s)! Now our relationship is going global, creating a website, and digital marketing services for their new venture out in India!

We are also currently in the process of designing a new site for Prestwick care, which is the residential care home division of the Malhotra Group. Through our extended contract, which is now inclusive of SEO and CRM strategies, we hope that we can boost their online presence, and help them to smash their digital marketing goals.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for us and the Malhotra Group, all we can say is watch this space!



Leila Lily’s

I have to say that another personal favourite of mine is the new Leila Lily’s website. We have a long-standing and strong partnership with the Malhotra Group, and we worked incredibly hard with them to produce a stunning website for their flagship restaurant in the heart of the city centre, called Leila Lily’s.

The website reflects the truly opulent and decadent theme of the inside of the restaurant, making it on-brand while still retaining its function. The design is a custom one of course, and features a booking form, making it quick and simple for customers to book in, and an in-depth events page. Not only this but we also created the website for the adjoining hotel, which features a 360° walkthrough!

We are so happy with the outcome of this project, and it’s great knowing that our client is so happy with the results too!



From a relatively simple site, to one that was far more challenging. We were approached by Neurospectrum earlier on in the year to help them create a website that had accessibility at its heart. Everything from the functionality, right down to the colours used in the design had to be done in a specific way to make sure that it was fully accessible for its intended users. Neurospectrum is a clinic that helps people that are neurodiverse, and so the site had to reflect that.

Our designers did such a great job at creating designs that look beautiful and unique, while still sticking to the brief. The site uses a good amount of white space meaning that it looks uncluttered but still full of the information that needs to be conveyed. Another really great aspect of the site is how the accessibility features are clearly marked on the side, so those who may struggle with text size, colours, or fonts, for example, can adapt the website to their needs far more seamlessly.

This project challenged us in a number of ways, but it was so important that we got it right. We worked tirelessly to provide a website that was suitable for people who are neurodivergent, and now that it’s finished, both the client and ourselves are very happy with the result!



We absolutely loved the work commissioned, and think the outcome is spectacular.

I think you’ll have so many other healthcare providers coming to you. The feedback thus far “so calming, so modern, so uniquePeople genuinely love it and I no longer feel ashamed to share the link!”


The HLF Group

We couldn’t do a catch up without mentioning The HLF Group! They have been named as one of the fastest growing furniture suppliers in the UK, and they’re based just down the road in Gateshead. The website that we created for them is contemporary and streamlined, and is just as easy to use on the back-end as the front-end. Upon our recent sit down with the CEO, Rachel Conroy, she informed us that their growth has tripled, with a 35% increase on sales, which have been encouraged by their brand-new site!

Our work with The HLF Group really highlights how important it is to have a well-made and beautifully designed website, that is optimised for all devices.


Final Thoughts

It is close to 2023 now, and reflecting back on the year it has definitely been a busy and hectic one. The new year symbolises a new start for so many, and we at Sleeky hope that 2023 brings some brilliant new clients, but is also a year where we maintain the partnerships that we already have. There have been a lot more projects that we’ve worked on over the past year, so go and take a look at our work and case studies on our website if you want to get a better feel for the range of work that we have completed!

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