Seven Reasons to Invest in Design

6th November 2020
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Everyone knows the numerous advantages when it comes to representing your brand in a professional manner online. The impact of good design is difficult to measure compared to other parts of businesses, however there is a large difference between ‘mediocre’ design and ‘great’ design.

Everyone wants an eye-catching website, smart logo and flawless branding. Branded components of such products, services and experiences are what make businesses recognisable and noteworthy.

Hiring a professional designer can be a big investment for small business owners, and with any big investment, there’s always going to be the slight worry in the back of your mind. But there’s not need to fret! Investing in your business is a no-brainer and its exactly that- an investment.

The benefits of investing in design are ultimately endless but we have managed to condense it down into seven key points below!

First impressions matter

First impressions are 94% design related. Companies only have one chance to make a positive first impression, therefore it is essential that your design is top notch when they first view your page. A study by Google found that users form an opinion of a company 50 milliseconds of landing on a website, and even 17 milliseconds to form an aesthetic opinion.

The study found design plays a crucial part in forming an aesthetic judgement, and this can happen in incredibly short time frames – faster than even a blink of an eye. These results show that if a website has high visual complexity (lots of clutter, text and objects) then it will be less welcoming and engaging to the viewer.

Compare this to a website design with less clutter, then you won’t damage the first impression of the viewer. To ensure that you’re giving the right first impression, it is essential you invest in good design.

Good designs can make your brand stand out

Having your own timeless and unique design can help make you stand out. There are many companies that encourage you to use their platform to ‘create their own logo’. Whilst that might be the most cost-effective way to do things for certain business, it does not give your company their own brand voice.

It is great to sit down with a designer and explain what your business does, understanding its purpose and personality, and allowing a professional to create something which gives your company its own identity. Having its own identity can enable it to stand out from the crowd. Maybe you’re a hot new sauce brand (see what I did there?) wanting to bring out a line of products that pack a punch. By using strong colours and a bold font, the branding exudes confidence and most definitely stands out on the shelf.

Consistency is key

Consistency is often something overlooked by business owners, however investing in design can add great consistency across your company. If your Facebook page is pink and purple, yet your website is red and blue this throws off your companies’ consistency.

Inconsistent brands make them easily forgettable. If you have a consistent voice like McDonald’s (yellow and red) and Morrisons (green and yellow) then you’re likely to attract more loyal customers who believe in your brand too.

Design can make your brand memorable

Mentioned above, you do not want your company to be forgotten. Think about how many products or brands you remember purely by their design but cannot remember the company name? We’re not too embarrassed to say that it’s quite a few, and that is because a good design is memorable in ways that company names just aren’t.

Humans are much better at recalling visuals than they are words, and this is why it is important to invest in design. Investing in design will see precise colours, fonts and typography used across your whole business, which will ensure customers, potential customers and employees have a consistent experience no matter what platform they are on.

A great design builds trust

If you see a website that doesn’t look like it’s been updated since 2005, would you trust it? Probably not, therefore that’s why its beneficial to invest in design. It’s been proven that badly designed websites and brands are not treated as well as trusted competitors who are well designed.

Trend and Styles create a business

Even if you want to stand out and make a memorable brand, you need to be aware of the trends that are popular, and the best way to do this is have a professional designer. That doesn’t mean that your design has to look like every other design out there, but to be on trend makes you a more trustworthy business.

Design allows you to communicate your brand message

By working with a professional designer, you will have the chance to use their expertise to ensure that the message you’re putting out there is the right one. Doing it yourself is all well and good, but there’s no shame in admitting that there’s not enough hours in the day to not only be running your own business, but to also be your own marketing expert!

Investing in design means that you are investing in professionalism. Sitting down with a designer, you will be able to describe the message you want your brand to portray. There is a complicated relationship between branding and colours, and the perceived appropriateness of the colours being used. This is why it is necessary to invest in design.

Design is worth the investment

Getting design right is paramount for the success of your business. From first impressions to making your brand memorable, investing in good design is a good business decision. Good design can give you the competitive edge and powerful drive that ensures your business stands out.

And in the sea of all the websites out there, can you really afford to miss out?

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