Seven Different Logo Styles

29th March 2018
2 minute read

Logo’s are always a hot topic at Sleeky. We design, re-design and embed them into our web designs on a daily basis, but did you realise there are seven key logos styles?


Seven Logo Styles

Abstract – A type of picture logo, it’s not representing anything like an apple or an eagle, but instead its a more abstract image created to represent the brand.

Mascot – These tend to be colourful, amusing and depict a character that represents the brand often in a cartoon style.

Combination –  A mix of the other six! In any order or design, you like. It could be a lettermark or wordmark overlayed on an abstract, emblem or mascot, or above or below.

Emblem – Often a seen representing schools, universities, governments and car companies, the emblem is perhaps the oldest type of logos! Think of family crests, military insignia or ancient Roman or Greek badges. Some modern-day examples include Porsche, Harley Davidson and Starbucks.

Lettermark – Basically font based abbreviations, representing company initials or acronym. Think about HBO, IBM and NASA.

Pictorial – Sometimes referred to as a logo symbol, it’s essentially an image that visually represents something. Think about Target, Apple & Twitter logos.

Wordmark –  Very much like the lettermark, this is a simple font based logo, however, these contain the full company name. These are very strong when the brand has a short and rememberable name, think about Google, Coca-Cola and Virgin.

Example We have been working with a local NHS dentist based in Newcastle who has used a local landmark as part of their combination logo. The Angel of the north is a famous installation by UK artist Anthony Gormally based in Gateshead next to the busy A1 motorway. It’s one of the most viewed art installations the world – seen by more than one person every second, or 90,000 every day so that’s a mind-boggling 33 million people every year!




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