Sell a Lifestyle Through Your Branding

Lola Connelly
5th January 2022
3 minute read

We all want to connect and create the perfect experience for our consumers. But how do we do this? Well, what you should be promoting to your consumers is a lifestyle rather than product.

So, to connect with your consumers you will need to tap into their hopes and dreams by giving them a peak into the lifestyle they crave. This is where lifestyle branding comes in. Evoking emotion is a powerful way of captivating your customers’ interest. You are not just “selling” them a product, but rather engaging with them on an emotional level to earn their respect and trust. Thankfully we will take you through some tips on how you can do this.


Why Sell a Lifestyle?

But why sell a lifestyle? First of all, we are constantly surrounded by products we ‘must’ buy, but if you are identifying a customer’s needs and what they are striving to be, they will become more responsive and closer to your brand. And ultimately, we all aspire to connect with the ideal version of ourselves, so why not market a product that will help your customers believe they will achieve this and grasp the life they are striving for.


Before diving into some tips, it is crucial that you know about your audience and their aspirations. What do you want them to feel about your brand? As this needs to be embedded within your whole identity.


Our Tips for Selling a Lifestyle

Understand the lifestyle you want to sell

As mentioned, this tip is critical. You need to understand your audience. Ask yourself, what kind of lifestyle do you want your audience to associate your brand with? What inspires your audience? If it doesn’t speak to the values of your customer or does not have a strong message, no one will buy it.

Conduct some in-depth research such as values, beliefs, interests and opinions on your audience through surveys, listening to their reviews, focus groups or even consumer insight platforms such as Meltwater. Find out what your customers enjoy and what they want to achieve. One of the most common methods of research however, is AIO (activities, interests and opinions). See this as, how customers like to keep themselves entertained, what they like and how they view themselves and society. This all helps you truly connect with them, building credibility and trust.

Define your market– Once you understand your market, ask yourself what your brand does for your audience? Does your product satisfy your customers needs? Will they be interested long term? The more personalised the experience, the more your products will meet the customers needs. For instance, will your brand project a sense of luxury, athleticism…?

2. Content marketing

After having figured out a sense of your customer’s lifestyle, the type of content you create is just as important. It will help establish your brand and enhance how your audience can live out their aspirations and life they want to live. You will need to create high-quality and relatable content through ads, blogs, social media posting and videos. Also, try and work out what makes sense to share with your customers. If you want to educate your customers and improve online ranking, try blog posts. And if you want to connect on a visual level, create videos and/pr podcasts.

Engage with your audience through social media

There is no doubt that social media is where your audience will spend most of their time. And if you have defined, understood and immersed yourself in your consumers, a solid and loyal following should follow. If not, regular, consistent and engaging social posts will build an emotional connection with the consumer. Having an emotional connection is an important goal to take note of, as you are ultimately trying to convince the audience of your identity.



The Wrap Up

Overall, your lifestyle content marketing should not replace regular marketing, but rather enhance it. And remember that many decisions rely on emotions, not logic. Find out what people want, then offer your customers what they have been craving. Check out our other blog on why you should plan your social media in advance.

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