Round Up of 2021 So Far

Libby Wagstaff
Libby Wagstaff
3rd August 2021
3 minute read

2021 has been a year like no other for many reasons. We are incredibly proud of all that has already been achieved here at Sleeky, including new members to the team and the opportunities and challenges that we have taken on headfirst – in true Sleeky style! While all businesses have faced new challenges, we wanted to reflect on the highlights that have made this year a special one, and the fun we have had along the way.

So without further ado, here is our roundup of Sleeky’s highlights of 2021 – so far!

Quick Start

In February, Sleeky took on the first batch of its new faces: hiring three Digital Marketing interns and two Web Developer interns through the government’s Kickstart Scheme.

This was a fantastic opportunity for some very talented individuals to join the team and gain more experience in a new role.

Additionally, this really was a mutual learning experience for Sleeky’s team as we were afforded new ideas, talent and creativity by launching new projects with the interns and brought them onto current Sleeky tasks.

After a very successful and enjoyable month of hard work with the interns, with the occasional music quiz and murder mystery zoom call (which brought out some very suspicious accents and questionable costumes), we thought; why stop there?

Four more excellent interns were brought onto the team – as projects continued to grow and new ideas were bounced off each other.

Sleeky’s projects went from strength to strength, as our talented team of professionals immersed themselves into new and exciting client projects – with a current total of 43 website projects in production, not to mention the further branding and digital marketing services we have provided.

19 websites have been designed, built and are fully live, with six more ready to go and more in development. This is no small feat in half a year, and we are always impressed and appreciative of the hard work our small team places into every task at hand, as they continuously produce quality results.

WFH Style

This year has also seen a transition from a strict lockdown at the beginning of the year, with working from home measures firmly in place, to the world beginning to open up again.

Sleeky’s team went from a strictly WFH setup to a hybrid return to the office. Hand sanitiser, plastic screens, distancing and open windows – much to the dismay of our refrigerated Marketing Executive Maja – allowed us to be reunited once more and meet the new members of the team in person. Office days were limited to two days a week, which was a great balance of being around the team for productive discussions and tutorials, while perhaps being the right amount of time for putting up with each other’s interesting communal music choices.

Just as long as there are no fallouts from the very tense music quizzes.

As the internships are drawing closer to their end, we are delighted to say that a few of our interns will now be made permanent members of the Sleeky family, with the rest of the interns being helped onto new and exciting paths.

This year has already gone off to a great start, and we can’t wait to see the results of our fantastic team’s hard work, diligence and creativity, as 2021 continues. We can’t wait to maintain the high standard of projects, excellent work ethic and the positive outlook here at Sleeky!

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