Photography in Design

31st March 2015
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Acquiring photos for your website can be a mixed experience. Do you search the stock photos on offer through the internet or set out with a camera to encapsulate what you’re looking for yourself? It is worth spending money to build the right website to suit your needs, so why fill it with subpar photos; investing in professional photography for your site is the best approach.

1. First impressions are powerful

A great first impression is a powerful thing. When traffic flows to your website, the aesthetics and layout of the design is the key to drawing the eye. Photography is a boon to a stylish website, so it makes sense that the photographs should be equally stylised. That means professional photography.

2. Professional appearance makes for greater trust

Amateur photographs will give an amateur feel to the services on offer. Edwards Commercial Cleaning, had photos commissioned showcasing the vehicles, staff and headquarters. The clean images with a uniformity of brand colours showcase a professional company that knows what they’re doing; this is a powerful image to project because a prospective client trusts professionalism.

3. Sending the right brand message

A professional is better placed to interpret brand goals and ensure they are conveyed in the images. The right posing, light and use of space can make the world of difference in shaping interpretation and making for an appealing addition to a website’s specialised design. Images are as much about communication as the website as a whole. This is especially apparent in another of our designs for a lighting company. In this case, a picture is worth a lot more than a thousand words; the products are immediately apparent and make for conversions a lot quicker than a block of a thousand words.

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