Perfecting the customer journey

9th July 2019
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After you have put so much effort into bringing visitors to your website using SEO, the next step is to ensure customers use your services or buy your products. This process needs to be clear, concise and as easy as possible for the potential buyer. A typical abandonment rate for online retailers is between 60%-80%.

You can see why the customer journey and cart abandonment is becoming a priority for e-commerce marketers.

Making the customer journey as smooth as possible helps reduce cart abandonment and drastically improves conversion rates. Our client, MyLockup Self Storage, do a great job offering a unique and straightforward checkout process to make sales.


The first step of the customer journey is finding your services. As shown, after searching ‘self-storage Bishop Auckland’, the MyLockup page is shown in the local results. Customers can quickly see services, contact details, closing times and reviews answering many of the questions that may arise throughout the customer journey at the first hurdle.

Google search My Lockup

Landing page

After searching ‘self-storage Bishop Auckland,’ it’s essential the landing page serves up the right information.  55% of users spend less than 15 seconds looking at a website, so if they can’t see what they’re looking for, they won’t hang around for long.

MyLockup Bishop Auckland

MyLockup’s landing page hits the nail on the head. Upon landing on the page, users can see contact information, opening times, and key points. There are also details on what to bring when first using the facilities, avoiding dissatisfaction further down the line. By offering all of these answers, visitors can find out what they need to know all in one page, helping them to decide without having to navigate around to find further information.

The green ‘GET A QUOTE ‘ is above the fold, easy to find and stands out against the orange headers. The customer can’t miss it, meaning the customer can get started on their customer journey effortlessly.

Getting a quote / adding to cart

Once the visitor has chosen a storage location and is looking to get a quote, the next step is to understand what the customer wants. MyLockup offers a custom solution to capturing customer specifications. They show storage dimensions with a descriptive diagram and clever size descriptions making it simple for the customer to understand and decide upon what they need.

MyLockup Customer Journey Step One

26% of US Shoppers will abandon an order due to a long or complicated process. MyLockup offers a simple solution to this, showing the checkout length throughout at the top of the page. Users can see what stage they are at in the checkout process.

Finalising the quote / checking-out

The final checkout page offers a quick summary of the customer order, in this example,  a ‘150 SQ.FT of Personal space’ at the ‘Bishop Auckland’ facility. If incorrect navigation is provided within the summary to go back to whichever stage of the order process they need and make a quick fix to their requirements.

MyLockup Checkout

Finally, the customer is reminded that they’re close to the end of the checkout thanks to the ‘A few more questions’ headings. The next set of questions detail the customer’s contact details and locker rental length.

At this stage, MyLockup has all the details they need from the customer to offer a quote. Once again, above the fold, the call-to-action is neatly located at the end of the form persuading the customer to finish the order process. MyLockup can now begin processing the enquiry, checking availability against the order and contacting the new client about their request.

Final thoughts

Don’t let customers leave your website with products in their cart. A short, straightforward and efficient checkout process will keep users until the end and convert queries into sales. Make sure the checkout is mapped clearly so the user can see what stage they are at and easily navigate back if needs be. Make specific any queries the customer may have, or important details they may need are made evident to the user, in turn keeping them within the sales process on the way to checking out.

It’s taken a lot of effort to get the user to see your products/services, so if they’re looking to make a purchase it is crucial the process is as painless but effective as possible.

Contact Sleeky to see how we can help develop your customer journey, converting your potential customers into paying customers.

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