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Optimising your Website’s Contact Form for More Leads

21st March 2019
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The contact form is one of the most important parts of your website when it comes to lead generation. Poorly optimized contact forms and their wrong placement can be a huge barrier that keeps visitors from contacting you. In this post, I will share a few tips on how to optimize and improve contact forms on your website.



Contact form position

The first question is: Where will you place contact forms? According to a blog post by WP Forms, there are 6 places to include a contact form on your website in order to generate more leads. The whole idea of placing contact forms on multiple pages/website sections is to enable potential customers to easily contact you. WP Forms identifies Contact page, About page, Sidebar and Footer among others, as ideal sections for placing contact forms and I have bumped into a website placing contact forms in the hero on almost every page: North East Locksmiths. They have made their contact forms easily accessible to visitors without compromising the design.

Contact form testing

Checking and testing contact forms periodically can help you identify potential problems that might cost you new leads. This should be done especially after certain changes or updates are made to your website because these might cause contact forms to stop working. Remember, your website is the only tool your potential customers can use to reach you outside of working hours and if the contact forms on your website do not work properly, the visitors won’t be able to reach you at all.

Contact forms on mobile devices

Checking how the contact form looks on mobile devices and whether it is easy to read or complete is also very important. There is an increasing number of visitors using mobile devices and they need to be able to reach you using the contact form.

Wrap up

Given that a contact form enables potential customers to connect with you, it is a very important element of a website, however, its importance is quite often overlooked. Improving and optimising website contact forms means that they are placed in the right website sections or pages and that they work correctly both on desktop and mobile devices.

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