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New Year New Me – Contemporary ideas for your digital presence

Lola Connelly
19th January 2022
5 minute read

Building a strong digital presence is more than just existing online. You may exist, but you also need to boost engagement, grow your business and maintain your reputation. After all, the world is digital, so it is absolutely crucial to connect to your customers and remain relevant.

Did you know that 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience? Well, we want to help build your brand’s reputation and provide your target audience with quality experiences. So, to achieve a strong online presence, we have gathered six tips to help you enhance your visibility and create a platform well worth the effort.

But why does your digital presence matter? Regardless, your customers are online. Having a substantial platform will give you the opportunity to set yourself apart from competitors and build up your credibility. If customers can’t find you when researching online, they might start to question the credibility of your business. With this in mind here are our tips for you:


Have an attractive website to meet consumer expectations

Consumers have high expectations when it comes to websites. For instance, 75% of a website’s credibility is due to design, and 40% of users will not engage with a website that isn’t mobile-friendly. That said, we believe it is well worth hiring someone to build a strong, professional and user-friendly website. A clean and modern website can make a powerful first impression, so ensure all information such as contact details, ‘About us’ and call-to-action buttons are always current and accurate. As well as a visually appealing and functional website, you should also have valuable content to connect with your customers illustrating your brand voice and personality. For instance, news updates or a blog. Make sure you meet your target audience based on your visitor demographics.


SEO optimisation

SEO is an important step to achieve an enhanced digital presence and get customers to view your content, as you are improving your websites ranking on search engines. SEO improves visibility, builds trust and is affordable. It is also where the importance of blogs comes in. With each post you can target one keyword for prospective customers and include it within your title, headings, image file name, alt text and meta description. This will give you the opportunity to appear in higher search results. Furthermore, a stronger digital presence will also mean more traffic.

Build an audience on social media with valuable content

A large following does not necessarily mean you have a strong digital presence. Working on quality for those who find an interest, rather than quantity will be better in the long run. Aim for a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing social page that offers value to your customers. Your social media will also contribute to your reputation, so make sure it is engaging. This strong connection will help you in multiple ways, for instance:

  • Other fellow businesses can promote you on their own social media, as well as offer their own tips and resources. These connections may also introduce you to other connections.
  • Loyal customers will share, like and view your content
  • Influencers can expand your reach to relevant audience
  • Quality content will build trust


Be human and show emotion

We find this to be very important. Customers today would rather see a personal and authentic presence rather than a faceless corporation. Showing off your authentic side may mean showing the faces behind the business. Post photos, reels or stories of your team, you will be surprised how much this can help your followers gain a connection to your business. In addition to this, your followers want to feel something when they view your feeds, to the point they want to share and like it for others to see. So, add emojis to your captions, emotional words and phrases and compelling stats.

Important tip: Whether they are prospective or current customers, make sure you know who your audience is. This will then help:

  • The brands voice
  • The content you publish
  • Posting schedule


Stay active and make your presence known

It’s plain and simple. One vibrant, consistently active and aesthetically pleasing feed is better than three inactive sites. So, to make your presence known you can:

  • Reply when people @mention you or share your content
  • Answer direct messages
  • @mention accounts in your posts
  • Publish quality posts regularly
  • Like and comment on your followers posts
  • Incorporate a schedule for social media interaction

Overall, inactive social feeds can be a bad look for businesses. So make sure you spend a bit of time each day. Even a quick 10-15 minutes a day, to like, reply to comments and post content can make a difference and maximise engagement.


2022 here we come!

So there you have it. Our six tips to help you gain a stronger digital presence. If you would like to connect further with your customers, check out our blog on how to sell a lifestyle.

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