New Sleeky Staff Photoshoot

Maja Krajewska
21st June 2021
2 minute read

One thing we consider vital when breaking the ice between our lovely clients and our team is going one step further than general pleasantries. If conversations flow seamlessly and the banter is more fun then the project outcome is guaranteed to succeed.

In order to build great client relationships, we believe that it is incredibly important to put a name to a face, humanising the company. We take great pride in our staff and often introduce the team across all of our social platforms and ensure each team member is introduced in our client proposals.

In February, we had an influx of team members and interns across the departments therefore introducing the new team became a priority. This was the perfect opportunity to organise a team meeting and invite our friends over from Media Borne to document the whole thing.

We discussed new ideas and planned a road map for the Sleeky future as there are massive things currently happening at Sleeky including a totally new look for the brand.

A big part of the Sleeky ethos is nurturing young talent and original ideas. As you can tell we’re a great bunch of young, fresh-faced professionals!

Take a look for yourself!


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