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Music and How it Affects Your Branding

Ben Kershaw
8th February 2022
3 minute read

It is exceedingly rare you will find someone who doesn’t enjoy listening to music. Having been present within society for as long as many can remember, there is a sound or genre for everyone these days.

This presence within everyone’s daily lives makes music all the more important when it comes to building a brand and marketing. Take TV advertisements for example, its hard to imagine some of the most famous ads without a catchy jingle or background music. It adds an element of entertainment to what would otherwise be a rather boring description of misplaced PPI or insurance offers. The following is some potential uses and benefits for music with branding and marketing:


Social (Media) Music

Social media is more and more becoming the norm for connecting with customers and marketing your services (check The case of social media for business). With media platforms adding extra functionality each day, it is now easy for people to add music to their pages and share their tastes with others. As a brand, this can be utilised to draw in users that may not have even seen your product before but have clicked on the music initially to discover related topics.

This can go one step further with the latest booming media platform, TikTok. Users can post just about anything and dub in music or create their own, the perfect example of this is M&S in Romford making a Christmas Rap purely for their TikTok followers and it’s now available on iTunes after charting.

If you are interested in producing your own music for advertisements etc. you should check out Sound Inc., a Newcastle based rehearsal and recording studio.

Find Music that Fits Your Brand

A psychologist studied the effects of music and its success when partnered with a variety of brands and discovered that the better the music fits the product, the more effective it is in enhancing brand perception. In other words, take a look at who your target audience is, assess your product and take the time to find a fitting tune, its proven to be worth it!

Associating a famous figure such as a music artist with your brand, can also be a great idea for marketing strategies, however, it is important to consider many high profile celebrities have a tendency to become a brand risk unexpectedly so stay on your toes!

Establish Emotional Connection

People relate to all kinds of different music on an emotional level, this can be taken advantage of when choosing what kind of sound you want to add to your brand. There are a few different options with this:

  • Use music that is popular and current to potentially draw in a bigger audience.
  • Use local music to attract a more dedicated audience.
  • Create your own music based on a popular song or artist to form a connection with their fans.
  • Create your own music with an influence from your local area, like Sound.Inc with the North East.


The Wrap Up

In the world of marketing, with so much competition, it is crucial to not miss any tricks that may take your brand to new heights. Music has to be up there with one of the most influential aspects of advertising, making it a no-brainer to incorporate some kind of sound if you haven’t already!

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