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Modern Digital Marketing Approaches Worth Considering

Ben Kershaw
2nd April 2022
3 minute read

Gone are the days of ‘chat with a customer advisor’ and in comes chat-bots and AI along with many new approaches to marketing in this digital age, things that were almost inconceivable a number of years ago are becoming more prevalent as viable marketing solutions.

We are in an age of constant development and Digital Marketing concepts are no exception and can’t be ignored, especially with the success that having an online presence brings to all sorts of brands. It important to keep up with these trends to stay effective and relevant in your industry, Competitor and Industry analysis is perfect for finding what works in your market and what doesn’t. Here are a few modern approaches you might want to consider:


Many are familiar with Amazon’s Alexa assistant, or the Siri on the iPhone (or other similar devices). These are Machine Learning AI, a form of AI that teaches itself different tasks based on experience using a neural network just like the human brain – yes that’s really what I just said, I’ve seen enough movies to know that giving an AI its own brain can only end well.

In digital marketing, AI has a few beneficial uses;

  • Can be used to automatically determine any patterns in your markets and suggest adaptations in your strategies.
  • Reduce the workload of employees by implementing a chatbot AI to learn FAQs and produce smart responses.
  • SEO experts have developed an AI that continually updates your website with blogs and other copy, read more about Jasper.


It would seem SEO pops up in all our Digital Marketing/ Web Design blogs, but for good reason! To keep it short I will just point you here, here, here and here for some key aspects of SEO previously covered in our blogs.

Metaverse, NFTs and more?

So as of recent, Facebook have launched an augmented reality platform called the Metaverse where users have 3D avatars and work, play and socialise etc. as they would in the real world, it’s hard to explain so you can read about it here. It is a bit out there and is very new, but many companies have already taken the leap into virtual reality with their marketing and ads.

NFTs and cryptocurrency have been around for a while now so brands are well and truly integrated within the community, some brands are even releasing their own themed NFTs as art pieces (Charmin, Coca Cola). This is maybe slightly too far down the technological rabbit hole for some, however its always good to stay informed!

Interactive Content

Dynamic content will improve your website engagement and attractiveness, whilst adding an element of entertainment or perhaps a direct link to another marketing channel. A few examples of interactive content may be:

  • Social Media integration – a section to show your recent posts with external links and share buttons.
  • Video Marketing – Some users may be uninterested with blocks of text etc. and a video can be more appealing, whilst also adding some of your personality.
  • Reviews, chat boxes or even a quiz/ questions section.

Wrap Up!

There’s no doubt in a year or two there will be countless new strategies for marketing and it will get harder and harder to keep up, but for now we have plenty on our plate to keep us going! If you need a hand, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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