Millennials are Having Fun on TikTok

Lola Connelly
30th December 2021
3 minute read

We’ve all been there. Mocked it, claimed we were never going to download that app, then all of a sudden, you’re addicted. But what is it that makes TikTok so addictive?

Since launching in 2018, TikTok is known for its short videos and easy-to-use tools for self-expression and collaboration. These elements all provide instant gratification, mostly down to its customised “For you” page. Each one is personalised to your own individual likes and emotional connections. In other words, this app is completely customised to you and will know exactly what you like. No wonder we’re all addicted.

Here are just a few stats of the app to get you going:

– TikTok reached 1 billion active users in September 2021.
– The average user spends 89 minutes per day on the app.
– Android users spend more time on TikTok than they do on YouTube.
– The ages between 19 and 29 take up 35% of TikTok’s global audience, whilst under 18’s take up 28%.
– In 2020, TikTok had 850 million downloads. Becoming the most downloaded app globally.


The TikTok algorithm

Many social media platforms will keep their algorithms a secret. After all, each one is unique. These algorithms, however, is exactly what draws us into the app. TikTok defines theirs as:
“A stream of videos created to your interests, making it easy to find content and creators you love…powered by a recommendation system”


TikTok also shares a few ranking signals to determine what we like:

User Interactions. This is all down to who you follow, videos you like, videos you’ve shared, how long you spend time on a video if you rewatch a video and comments you have posted/blocked.

Video Information. When you are searching for content, details such as captions, sounds, hashtags and trending topics are all taken into consideration.

Device and Account Settings. Whilst this is predominantly used to optimise performance, there are some small signals such as language and country settings that will show you videos in your area.
Officially, however, TikTok says it uses four signals: what you watch, share, like and follow.


Ultimately, TikTok’s mission is to bring joy and spark creativity. And whilst Gen Z are the predominant users, millennials have still flocked to the app to experience the addictively scrollable and endless stream of videos. In 2020, we saw a massive increase, which is mostly due to the sudden quarantine and needing something to keep our minds occupied.
For a while, many have tried to work out exactly how videos are targeted for you, and whilst we may not know all about the TikTok algorithm, there are some that we do know of.

How to Get a Personalised Feed

No matter the interaction, each one will help the system learn more about you. So, just by being on the app and enjoying it will tailor your experience. Every second you rewatch, or hesitate to watch a video, TikTok will know. It is a very powerful app. It is said that TikTok is able to know our interests between 40 minutes to two hours, with the most important element of this being how long you are suddenly receiving content that doesn’t appeal to you, just long-press on the video and click “Not Interested”.

Watch this video if you are interested to see more about what is behind TikTok’s algorithm.



Are you a Tik Toker?

Overall, there is no denying that TikTok is both an extremely successful and powerful app. And we all thoroughly enjoy it. Interested in reading about social media? Read our blog on the Facebook blackout. How important do you think social media really is?

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