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Meet the Team – David

13th October 2016
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Get to know us better! Here is a look into the mind of the founder of sleeky, David…


What made you get into design?

DC: Design involves solving a series of problems. This appeals to me as well as the pride you get from building something, and the buzz when someone likes something you’ve created.

What project have you most enjoyed working on?

DC: It has been a while, but I really enjoyed being involved in every step of the project, from meeting the client, creating the brand, designing the website and then building this. Regal Rest was probably the last time this happened , even if the website subject is unusual!

Are there any design or website trends that you think are going to have a big impact?

DC: Mobile usage is skyrocketing but desktop/laptop/tablet are still usually dominant in terms of conversions. This will change soon, so instead of people first viewing on a mobile and then buying/enquiring on a bigger device, the entire process will be on a mobile. Is is especially the case as mobile screens increase in size, so a mobile friendly website is essential.

Who or what inspires you?

DC: Trust is inspirational for a designer. It’s great when a client gives an open brief and trusts your expertise and experience. It also usually leads to the best end product.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

DC: My one year daughter takes up most of my spare time which is both fantastic and a paradox! I love football and this is my passion beyond design.

Photo: David’s daughter looking very cool!

What’s your favourite film?

DC: The Shawshank Redemption, I love a good plot twist.

Best place to eat in the North East?

DC: I love Chinese food, so Newcastle’s Chinatown is heaven. My favourite restaurant is The Happiness Inn, although I really like Nudo Noodle House and The Mandarin.

Thanks David! Meet the rest of the sleeky team.

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