Maybelline London’s Latest Viral Marketing Campaign: The Team and the Genius Behind It.

Anastasia Michael
14th July 2023
3 minute read

You may have already seen Maybelline London’s viral video featuring a London tube having “rubber lashes” on and putting on Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Sky High mascara. Don’t worry I fell for it too!

Maybelline’s latest marketing stunt has caused a sensation online, but there’s a surprising twist to it. The video, which has gained significant popularity on TikTok with 136,000 likes at the time of writing, features a tube train and a double-decker bus embellished with oversized rubber “lashes” above their windows. This large advertisement for Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Sky High mascara, complete with a 3D mascara wand, has definitely caught our eye (pun intended).


As the tube train pulls into the station, the wand’s brush comes into contact with the rubber lashes, causing them to bounce back and forth. The video then transitions to a similar scene featuring the double-decker bus, but this time the lashes are brushed by an even larger Sky High wand that extends from a building.

However, the surprising twist is that these eye-catching stunts are NOT REAL. They exist only in digital form with the power of CGI, meaning that the giant mascara wand building cannot be visited as much as we would like to.

Watch the video here.

Image sourced from the Evening Standard.


Delphine Consigny, Marketing Director at Maybelline UK, revealed that the aim of the video was to create a disruptive marketing campaign that would highlight their mascara. The response in the comments section has been overwhelmingly positive, with people expressing their interest in purchasing the product and praising the marketing team for their creativity. Lauren Chapman, who is also part of Maybelline’s marketing team, explains how the idea came to life and that they “were not expecting it to blow up like it did”.

The intention behind the video was to make viewers question whether the spectacle was genuine or fabricated, and it seems that many were convinced by the realistic portrayal. Maybelline collaborated with video artist Ian Padgham from California to produce the content. Fan fact – the artist created more content like this that wasn’t selected. See more of his astonishing CGI work here.

The objective was to create a fun and entertaining digital asset that would emphasise Britain’s No.1 Mascara. The success of the video exceeded their expectations, with viewers astounded by its artificial nature and labelling it as “genius marketing.”

Maybelline’s Sky High mascara has garnered significant attention since its launch, thanks in part to various viral moments. Priced at £11.99, it has gained praise from TikTok users as one of the best budget mascaras available.



In summary, Maybelline’s recent marketing campaign, featuring a video of tube trains and buses adorned with oversized lashes, has captivated online audiences. However, the twist is that these captivating stunts are not real and were created digitally. The campaign aimed to surprise viewers and generated curiosity about the authenticity of the spectacle. Maybelline’s Sky High mascara has enjoyed viral success, and the video has been praised as a stroke of genius marketing.

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