Logo’s And Why They Are Vital To Any Business

18th March 2020
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Coca Cola, Google, Facebook. All of them have one thing in common – strong brand identities with even better logos that are recognised all over the world.

Many of us can recognise a logo, even when part of it is missing. This really demonstrates the power that a logo can hold. It is integral to your brand.

Logos can incorporate imagery, certain fonts and specific colours.

For example, Facebook uses Segoe UI font for the Windows version of their desktop website, and the Apple-made San Francisco font for the macOS version. The Facebook logo uses #4267B2 (blue) and #FFFFFF (white).

If either of these aspects were changed even slightly, the whole logo would be altered and may not be as recognisable for users.

UK oil group BP, which back in 2000 spent a whopping £136m introducing its current sunflower design. If that doesn’t show that a logo is vital, I don’t know what will.

Michelle Mercer Photography’s logo demonstrates luxury, who is behind the brand and what it offers. The gold colour of the logo, and the scripting, signifies a high quality service. Gold is a common colour used in weddings, and this is one of the core aspects of the business.

Without this logo, Michelle Mercer Photography may not have communicated it’s core values to existing and potential customers.

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Logos grab our attention

Seeing as we now have attention spans shorter than that of a goldfish, brands need to be able to grab our attention, and quick.

It is estimated that companies have around TWO seconds to make an impression on us. So a logo is a great way to quickly grab our attention and convince us to part with our money.

A logo can communicate a businesses identity. We are unfortunately shallow beings, and we do judge by appearance, including businesses. A logo is often the first interaction we may have with a business. So if executed correctly, it can spark our interest and entice us in for more.

Reveals brand identity

Certain aspects that make up a logo can communicate really clearly what a business is all about.

It tells customers what products/services you offer, the benefit you can have to them, and what sort of business you are.

The below example communicates both what type of brand the business is and what products they offer. It tells us the business is “artisan”, signifying luxury and bespoke products. The flower imagery is fairly self-explanatory.


Distinguishes you from competition

The aim of any business should be to stand out from competitors. A logo allows just this; it allows you to stand out from the crowd. A logo which dares to be different from its competitors could be the tool to having a brand which is unique.

Branding tells a story, and this is what a logo should do. A logo serves for the foundation of your brand identity. It influences customers’ emotions, triggering certain emotions and evoking particular thoughts.

Logos are the gateway to people finding out more about your business, and therefore they are a point of identity for your brand as a whole. You want your logo to immediately connect to your business and what you offer in your consumers minds.

A visually pleasing logo can create positive associations about your brand. Plus, we are more likely to remember logos than business names. This is why a logo should always be utilised.

So there it is, all the reasons your company should have a logo. If you’re wanting one but not sure where to start, start by getting in contact with us here at Sleeky to help with your next moves!

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