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Last Minute Ideas For Festive Promotions

Lola Connelly
23rd December 2021
4 minute read

Suddenly we are in December (where have these last few months gone). But, have you suddenly discovered you have no festive promotions planned? Don’t worry, because we have a few last-minute ideas here for you.

This is an important time of year for everyone, but it is also the perfect time for businesses to boost their sales, increase engagement on social media and attract potential followers and buyers. Many of us now do our shopping online, so, we all need to get smart to attract as many people as possible during this golden time.



1. Festive Socials

Given there are now 53 million social media users in the UK, there is no better place to reach your loyal customers than with social media. And this holiday period is the perfect time to boost it up! Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, there are many options to engage in the festive time with your audience. For instance:

  • Inform last-minute shoppers of festive promotions
  • Thank your followers for a great year
  • Let your followers know what is coming for the new year
  • Update your social media imagery. This includes banners and profile pictures.

At the end of the day, customers rely on social media and love to see holiday-related content. So, you can even post eye-catching reels and creative stories on Instagram. Get creative and establish your presence throughout your marketing campaigns. And remember that video content is now the most shareable on social media.


2. Festive Themed Website

The first thing you should consider is a festive-themed website for the holiday period. You do not however need to give your website a complete makeover, just a few small adjustments such as festive colours and fonts can evoke those holiday emotions. You can even consider a professional photographer to take festive photos of the staff or office for holiday imagery.


3. Email Marketing

Believe it or not, email is a crucial element of marketing to any brand and still remains a strong form of communication. And this festive period is the perfect opportunity to speak to potential and existing customers. For instance, you can:

  • Inform customers of a flash sale
  • Drive traffic by updating customers on a discount code shared on Instagram
  • Use festive imagery within the email
  • Let your customers know of incentives within the email subject line
  • Notify of all possible deals you may have. Do you provide free shipping? Are you cutting prices? Will valued customers get a discount?

Show your gratitude and wish them a happy holiday!


4. Use Hashtags Accordingly

For part of your holiday marketing, why not use trending festive hashtags incorporated within your own promotions. Make sure, however, that you use them accordingly and sparingly. We advise you use currently trending hashtags, so your posts do not get lost. And remember, include hashtags in your stories, promotional DM’s and in the bio of your page. You can even create a hashtag campaign for the season. Reward your followers by asking them to use the hashtag campaign in their posts. This will ultimately boost your social media presence AND receive good engagement.



5. Online Contest

There couldn’t be a better time for giveaways and contests than this holiday period. Now, we recommend posting across all your business and social media platforms. You’ll get more eyes on your business, and also, who doesn’t like a giveaway? Here are some ideas for you:

  • ‘Tag a Friend”. Post content on Instagram announcing a gift for one lucky winner. All you need to do is ask your followers to tag 3 people on a comment. Without a doubt, this will increase engagement.
  • Have your followers submit festive videos or photos, and announce a winner. However, make sure to have your contest rules displayed clearly and simply.
  • ‘Share or RT to enter’. This method can be used on Facebook and Twitter. Consequently, this will reach more people.
  • ‘Photo caption contest’. Post any photo and have your followers caption it. This encourages engagement and you can also showcase your products.

6. Seasonal Google Ad Campaigns and In-Browser Push Notifications

This is also a great time for you to install push notifications on your website. You can introduce a flash sale, discounts, store hours and last call for purchases. We also recommend that you make your deals hard to resist, simple and used sparingly, as to not annoy your subscribers with too much information.

You can also create seasonal ad campaigns to target holiday shoppers. Remind yourself of important holiday-related keywords, highlight special offers and seasonal deals and instil a sense of urgency.



Are you ready for the festive season?

So there you have it. These are only a few last-minute ideas for festive promotions, but will all help you reach engagement or achieve those last-minute sales. Head over to our ‘Web Design Predictions for 2022’ blog to get ahead for the New Year.

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