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Landing Page: The Beginners Guide

13th November 2019
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You’ve just created a beautifully polished website. It’s modern, it’s clean, it’s elegant. You have a strong business idea you really do believe in and you can’t WAIT to get it off the ground.

But how much do you know about online marketing? How much is your website catering to the thought of it? Is there anything else you can do to push sales and conversation?

To all of these questions, I answer with ‘Do you have a landing page?’. If the answer is no, then maybe that’s what you’re missing.


What is a Landing Page?


A landing page is a standalone web page specifically catering to online marketing. As the web page is standalone, it cannot be reached by simply navigating throughout the website. It isn’t included in the global navigation, and that’s important to keep in mind.

A landing page is essentially, where a potential customer ‘lands’ after clicking on either an advert or something similar.

With a landing page, there is only one singular goal in mind. Conversions. As you can imagine, this means that it has to be concise and straight to the point.

Take Go Store as an example. All of the most important information to capture interest is on the landing page. A potential customer can look at this and know exactly what it is that they do.


The Benefits of a Landing Page


Now that you know a little more about what a landing page is, we can go through to the benefits.


There is a landing page to suit everybody.

Because there is so much you can do with a landing page, you can craft one to perfectly fit with any business and goal. Whether you want someone to buy a product or sign up to a newsletter, a landing page gives you the perfect opportunity.

There is almost no limit to what you can do, and as it’s such a vital part of any digital marketing campaign, it’s too good to ignore.


It’s a good way to ‘warm up’ your visitors.

Landing pages are a great way to warm up your visitors before pushing them to commit to an action.

Condensing all of the important information on one page boosts your chance of conversion. Why is that? If a customer instantly lands on a product page, they may not get the information they need to trust your business and want to purchase.

Having potential customers land on a landing page before clicking through to the product ensures that everyone is getting enough information to be happy and gain trust with your business.


They’re nothing like your website.

A good landing page is only accessible through a link that can be found in your marketing content. There should be no global navigation tying it to your website.

Because of the limited options of a landing page, your web user only really has two choices. To either click off the landing page altogether, or to go exactly where you’re pointing them to.

Whilst your website is busy helping people to explore your ethos, values and principles, your landing page is busily working on bringing in those conversions.


With all of the above benefits for a landing page, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t include them in your marketing strategy. By putting time and effort into your landing pages, you’re sure to see conversion rates increase!

Need help with your landing page? Here at Sleeky we can craft the perfect landing page for you and your business. Get in touch today to see what we can do!

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