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Key Aspects of Effective Marketing Campaigns

Ben Kershaw
19th July 2022
3 minute read

Marketing campaigns can be a lot more complex than you might first realise, plenty of behind the scenes work from research through to follow ups go into making an effective campaign.

Marketing campaigns are essentially a series of activities, posts or advertisements to gain publicity for the sole reason of promoting a product, service or business. These days there are an abundance of opportunities and different platforms for marketing, largely dominated by online methods like Social Media and content creation. To the untrained eye, a marketing campaign may seem like a one and done thing, you post your promotional content and reap the benefits, oh if it were so simple! Luckily, the following is a short guide to the key aspects of a successful marketing campaign, outlining some of the work you would need to put in to get the best from your ventures.



Research is crucial to the success of everything, going in blind puts you at a disadvantage before you even start. For marketing campaigns, there are three key areas to apply a solid research strategy:


Once you have a rough idea of a project, its best to conduct an analysis of the relevant marketplace to determine if there is a need or gap to fill that suits your capabilities. Original content is better than something that is practically redistributed from someone else.


Similarly, find out what your relevant market is missing in terms of the customers’ needs. Research your demographic to better tailor your service to the ones that receive it, surveys and social profiles are a great way to better understand your customers.


Compare your business ideas to that of your competitors. Aim to produce a better product, at a cheaper price and out-promote your opponents.

Promotion and Channels

As mentioned prior, there are a multitude of viable marketing channels nowadays, choosing a few to focus on and build a following is key. There isn’t really a wrong choice when it comes to picking a direction to market it, however here are a few we definitely recommend:

  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are great for business!)
  • Prints and Graphics (Attractive Content Creation is proven to be more effective than text)
  • TV and Radio (This purely depends on your demographic, older generations are more likely to engage with TV, Radio and Newspaper)

Running promotions through your marketing channels can help retain existing customers and build a solid relationship. Giving coupons, discounts etc. as an exclusivity to followers of your brand will not only make them happy, but attract others as it shows you make an effort to please your fanbase.

Brand Image

Developing a brand image across your marketing channels can be key to your promotions going a step further. Using uniform graphics, fonts and tone can help you be more recognisable in your campaigns and retain more customers. It’s great to incorporate inbound marketing strategies on social media platforms, increasing engagement and personifying your brand goes a long way in 2022.


The Wrap Up

So hopefully this shows that a marketing campaign certainly isn’t just a one and done, post whatever and get followers kinda thing. If you need a hand with anything marketing, Sleeky is the place to go, we’d love to help out!

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