Is your website out of date?

posted on Thursday 8th December, 2016

However great your website is, there comes a time when it needs a refresh.

Technology doesn’t stand still, and the features that were once bang up to date it will inevitably become old news.

It may still look good design-wise but be lacking in certain key features or not have the right functionality.

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Here are the nine signs that you may need an update…

1. When was it created
If your website was created prior to 2013 and it hasn’t altered since, chances are you are due a refresh. Ideally you will be updating content on your News/Events/Blog regularly as well as other sections of the website as required. We recommend a larger website refresh every 2-3 years to stay on top of changes in website design.

2. Is it mobile friendly
If your website was built a few years ago, chances are it’s not responsive (mobile friendly). Not only does this affect your customer experience, Google actively pushes down websites that aren’t responsive.

3. Is the content relevant to the business
Businesses change as they grow and as time goes by. Have you moved with the times, and does the content of your website reflect the current state of your business?

4. Are you getting enquiries through the website
Have enquiries through your website dropped? This is often a clear indication that there is a problem with your site. It may be that it is no longer user friendly, or that people are being directed to a different area of your site to the one you’d like them so see. Taking a look at your website analytics can help guide you when it comes to what to change.

5. Are you slipping down the Google rankings
You may have built a website that Google liked, but your rankings have been slipping recently. The metrics that Google uses are constantly changing, so to keep your ranking high your website needs to constantly evolve.

6. Slow to navigate
If your website is slow to load and navigate then its a clear sign that it needs to be updated. It could be that your outdated systems aren’t compatible with new browsers. Slow navigation is one of the biggest turn offs for visitors to websites, so make sure yours is up to speed.

7. Social media connectivity
Is your site integrated with social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest? This is a great way to drive traffic to your site and it also improves your Google ranking so don’t miss out!

8. Stale content
How recent is the latest News or Events section on your website? If these are out of date it makes your website seem behind the times and reflects badly on your business.

9. Outdated design
Design is constantly evolving, especially web design. New techniques, styles and trends are appearing all the time and what looked good a few years ago is now considered passe and old fashioned. Make sure you’re not old news! When it comes to your website, you need to move with the times or risk being left behind. We specialise in high quality, affordable web design and we can give your site a full review and redesign from only £795 + vat*.

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