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Improving Your Website’s User Experience

21st December 2017
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Building a website has become more than putting content into one place, it has become a design process that needs to take into account the experience a user will have whilst on your site.

With so many technologies out there, old and new, improving your website’s user experience is just a few clicks away.

A Simple Homepage

Gone are the days where it was trendy to have a homepage that was cluttered with information and imagery. Content creators have realised the power of simplicity, designing minimal websites with less text and more visual elements.

Such designs are eye-catching as they help to focus the user on the main focal points of the site, whether this be a call to action, video or gallery slider.

An example of this is on one of our client’s websites, FPP. The homepage is simplistic, with it’s only feature being a slider interaction that lets the user click along the different pages of the site. The bright colours and use of geometric shapes engage the user and direct their attention to the page information. This means there is no time wasted in finding out who FPP are and what they do.


Scrolling is a simple yet effective way of including more content onto your homepage without it looking messy and overloaded.

Web designers are using this technique to move users along the homepage and allow them to quickly scan the site without having to click another link.

Some creatives are taking this one step further and using parallax scrolling  to add depth and movement to their website’s homepage. This technique enables elements of the site to move as the user scrolls past them. Not only is this engaging, it provides users with an experience that is more interactive and memorable.

Background Video

Bring your background to life through the use of video. Incorporating such content is a great way to show your product or service in action. As more and more content is produced online and the competition for consumers increases, it’s important that your website’s homepage is captivating and will hold the attention of the visitor. By using a short background video, that may automatically play when landing on your homepage, users can get an immediate feel of your brand without having to dig around your site first.

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