Importance of Domain Authority

Lola Connelly
14th December 2021
3 minute read

So. What is Domain Authority? And should we really be striving to improve it? Here, we’ll take you through the importance of Domain Authority and how you can even boost your score.

But first of all, what is Domain Authority? Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz, predicting how likely a website ranks on a search engine results page (SERP). In other words, it is a quick snapshot of your websites’ SEO health.



How can I check my site’s Domain Authority?

To check the Domain Authority of any website for free, head over to Moz’s Link Explorer. All you need to do is enter the domain’s URL, and the web page’s Domain Authority score will appear (we will go through the score meaning in the next few paragraphs). In addition, Moz will also provide other features, such as the number of external linking domains, inbound links and keyword total. We also recommend that you should compare your score to your competitors. Particularly those that appear just below and above you on a search engine results page.


How is Domain Authority calculated?

Domain Authority is calculated by evaluating more than 40 individual signals all into a single score on a 100-point scale. These signals for example include:

  • Root domains
  • Number of referring links
  • Number of authoritative (quality and trustworthiness) backlinks

Many businesses tend to track their websites Domain Authority on the regular to evaluate the results of their digital strategies. If there seems to be a drop in score, it is usually a sign that there needs to be a fix within the SEO.


What is a good Domain Authority score?

Moz’s Domain Authority score ranks from 1 to 100. Generally speaking, sites with large numbers of high-quality external links, such as Wikipedia will be at the top end of the scale, whereas small businesses may have lower scores. So don’t worry if you have a low score! All new websites start with a score of one, and will gradually increase as your site gains more authoritative backlinks. Also, the score is relative. You should only be comparing your score within the context of your competition – see it as more of a comparative metric.

How to improve your Domain Authority score

Now, if you are looking to improve your Domain Authority score and rank better than your competitors, we suggest you improve your websites overall SEO. Particularly focusing on the quality and quantity of external links pointing to your site. Here are a few other tips to help you get that higher score:

  • Spread your web content through other channels such as social media
  • Compare your website to your competitors. What do they do that you don’t?
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly!
  • Work on your off site and on site SEO optimisation.
  • Improve your page speed.
  • Post frequent and high-quality content superior to your competitors.


All in all,

Keep in mind, it is not easy to change your score, and will not happen overnight. And above all be patient! Remember that a low score does not mean your website will not perform well on Google. Looking for tips on how to update the look of your website? Head over to ‘Update The Look of Your Website With These 3 Easy Tips’.

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