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How To Utilise LinkedIn As A Brand

Chloe Grimmer
19th August 2022
3 minute read

In 2022, LinkedIn is emerging as one of the leading corporate-based social media websites available to working professionals within the digital sphere.

Between the unique opportunity it affords in terms of world-wide networking, to the heavily customisable layout of the website that gives users the chance to showcase their skills in an efficient and succinct manner, it’s not hard to see why the app has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. For clientele and potential employees alike, a business’s presence on LinkedIn can make or break their general online reputation.


A Brief Overview

Getting involved with LinkedIn as a business can be truly beneficial for your brand in a tangible, long-term way. Building an online profile of professionalism and communication with potential clientele has never been easier or more efficient for companies to do – so don’t be afraid to test the waters of this digital platform if you’re looking to maximise your business’s overall trajectory.

To learn more about getting the most out of this increasingly popular corner of social media, stick around as we break down the best ways to utilise the website as a brand for optimal results.

Promote Your Company’s Linked In Page

It’s important for your team to take every opportunity available to them to direct traffic toward your brand’s LinkedIn profile. Whether it’s through other social channels such as Facebook or TikTok, or by linking the page to your brand’s main website, this step in the process is absolutely crucial to curating a profitable yet professional presence within the app. Due to LinkedIn functioning in a very business centred manner, it can often be difficult for casual clientele to find your company’s profile, so consistent promotion is a must.

Post Consistently 

Without a consistent and reliable social media plan, it can be very difficult to make waves within the highly competitive landscape of LinkedIn. The website functions as a hub of professional networking and activity, which means each brand is vying to attract the highest level of attention at any given moment. A great way to circumvent the worry this often causes smaller or newer businesses is by making sure that your team is following a strong posting schedule, making sure to include numerous possible ideas for LinkedIn posts. Constantly keeping it fresh with the creation of original and innovative content is key here.

Consider Using the LinkedIn Ads Feature

LinkedIn offers a great platform for producing consistent and far-reaching ads that are more likely to find their way to your company’s target demographic, if executed correctly. From carousel ads to video-based commercials to building your business’s marketing strategy through the website’s campaign manager – whatever option is right for your business, one thing is clear: there is tons of opportunity to increase brand exposure throughout the app.

Connect With Local Brands

One of the greatest benefits to inter-connected work culture that can be found on LinkedIn comes in the form of easy-access networking. It’s incredibly vital to the continued success of any brand or business to work in cooperation with the companies that surround them, whether collaborating with them or not. Utilising LinkedIn to establish a friendly rapport with local professionals in your field can go a long way in terms of curating strong future prospects for your brand.


The Wrap Up

If you’re interested in learning more about why you should consider signing up, check out LinkedIn’s article on the topic here for additional information. If you’re in need of assistance with Social Media in general, you can check out our packages here!

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