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How to use social media to make your brand stand out

Chloe Toogood
3rd September 2022
4 minute read

Social media has become a blessing for small businesses. It allows brands who might not have the biggest budget to create content for nothing (or next to nothing) and if you do it right, it can open up more opportunities than you could have imagined.

We’re going to go through some ideas to make your brand stand out from the crowd in the world of social media.

Consistency is Key

If you’re going to use social media as a way of promoting your brand, it’s important to make sure you’re consistent with your posts and interactions with potential customers. Pretty much every brand uses some form of social media platform these days, which naturally means that everyone’s competing for customers, attention, likes, and follows. By keeping your social media up to date, people who end up on your page will be able to see what you’re currently offering, and that you care about engaging with your audience. Even if it’s not a post or a story, replying to comments and leaving comments on relevant profiles can help greatly when it comes to consistently engaging.


Use Videos

One of the best ways to make your brand stand out is by posting videos that are relevant to your brand and what it is you’re trying to promote. In fact, 86% of businesses are now using videos as a part of their digital marketing strategy.

It doesn’t matter what your brand is centred on, there’s a way to utilise videos on your social media, for example, businesses that focus on Farne Island excursions and trips can post videos of the sights customers can expect to see. It’s even better if you have a niche that you can exploit. High quality videos add value to your brand’s presence on social media, and it’s been shown that videos generate 12x more shares than text or image posts.

You can also use videos to live stream content, and do things like timelapses, which work particularly well if the video captures views or wildlife.


Be authentic

It goes without saying that when potential customers are engaging with a brand that they want them to be as authentic as possible. Not only does it attract more visitors to your page, but it allows you to forge relationships with them that are mutually beneficial. Being authentic with your brand connections can be linked with using videos as you’re able to show a range of content that isn’t just limited to your products or what you’re promoting, you can use videos to show behind the scenes footage, or real-life things that are appropriate to your brand. It makes viewers of your content see that there is an actual person behind the brand, rather than just being completely faceless.


Who is your target audience?

Make sure you know who it is you’re targeting and why. While it’s important to be posting regularly, make sure to not post just for the sake of it, as this doesn’t give you much of a brand identity, and you won’t be able to home in on a specific audience that you want to target. As a result, this could have detrimental effects on sales as the people that you want to see your content aren’t seeing it or looking for it. Not only this, but by targeting your audience you will be able to connect with people faster than if you hadn’t targeted anyone specific.



What’s the takeaway?

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool, and when used correctly, it can help grow your brand exponentially. It’s important to make sure you don’t blend in with the other millions of brands and small businesses that are all competing for the most engagement. if you’re interested in more information regarding socials, check out our services here.

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