How to Sell Your Products or Services

10th July 2019
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After a visitor arrives at your home page, 86% of them are looking for information about your products or services. A visitor wanting to know more about you is a good thing and already part way to becoming a paying customer.

Consumers are cautious when shopping online. Therefore, it’s crucial to hit the nail on the head. A view of what’s unique about you, why you’re trustworthy, and what you have to offer should be clear to whoever is reading.

Your Services

A services page should boast what you have to offer. Similar to a CV for a new job, it’s essential to highlight why what you offer is the best, without listing everything but the kitchen sink.

Our client, Primrose Care Home, does a great job of highlighting their services. Deciding on a care home to house your friend or family member is undoubtedly a huge deal. With bespoke services such as personalised food menus, medicine administration, in house laundry to daily activity coordination and gardens access, it’s clear that your loved ones will enjoy, be cared for and have everything they need while at Primrose Careh Home.

Information should be honest and pinpoint how the customer will gain benefits from choosing to use your products or services.


Upon the arrival of your services page, the visitor is going to scan the page to see what jumps out at them. It’s like you’ll only have 15 seconds to catch their attention so information should be easy to find. It will take around 2.6 seconds for the user to focus on what it is going to influence their first impression. Headings, titles, and lists are some of the points that are going to be the initial focus.

There are multiple ways to achieve this. Listing your services with personal headings and short descriptions should do the trick. A simple, easy to follow layout will get the customer looking and reading everything you have to offer.

Give Proof

Nothing seals the deal like a customer testimonial. Statistics show that customer-generated testimonials are the most effective form of content for marketing at 89%. When people see positive reviews from a buyer who have used your products or services they feel more emotionally inclined to believe it. Studies show that 86% of people will look at online reviews for local businesses.

It’s best to harness reviews in as many places as possible. On-page customer testimonials, social media reviews, and Google’s ‘My Business’ reviews are all excellent places to publicise the positive of what you have to offer. Choosing comments that highly reflect your ideal consumer are the ones you should focus and reuse around your website.

Call to Action

Now the visitor knows all there is to know about your products and services it’s good to include a call to action they can’t miss. After hearing about the benefits you provide to customers, the path to proceed needs to be visible. It should be as simple as possible for the customer to make contact to find out more, or hopefully purchase your products/services.

A button linking to your ‘Contact Us’ us’ page, or the option to ‘Get a Quote’ will allow you to get the customer’s contact information and speak with them directly.

Final Thoughts

The better you tailor your services page to your target market niche, the more likely it is that you’ll find the type of people hoping to use your services and convert into paying customers.

By providing a quality summary of what you have to offer, how the customer will benefit and providing a clear call to action will help you to create a services page that helps to sell your products or services while showing why you’re the best in the business. Don’t forget to reinforce your information with proven customer testimonials.

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