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How to make your website look more professional and trustworthy?

10th January 2019
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Most business owners are looking to build strong and reputable companies also, increase sales and customer loyalty. As part of the whole process, we try various ways to achieve those goals, for example, offer promotions and develop social media & advertising strategies. However, one crucial aspect is to have a professional and trustworthy website which reflects your expertise and experience. In this post, we are going to explore the elements of reliable websites.

SSL Certificate

Security has always been essential for any business, whether online or physical. However, people are using more and more online services that require to share their personal details and confirm they agree to certain terms and conditions. If a website is not secure with an SSL Certificate this will show on the top left corner stating ‘Not Secure.’ These sort of messages would put down people of visiting your website. Moreover, your site would rank lower in the search engines. Check out the website of Abbey Masterbatch Ltd, a major masterbatch manufacturer, and supplier of thermoplastic masterbatch products, polymer-based grades and pigment dispersions and see how a secure website should look.


Testimonials are a fantastic way to build trust and showcase what your clients think of you and your products. You can add e section of selected testimonials by yourself or create a page where people could leave comments and reviews. Both options will be useful, and they will make your business more transparent and give it more personality. Renew Life, an insurance company, has a great section with regularly updated reviews from customers, check out their website for some ideas.

Press mentions

One of the strongest ways to build up your reputation is by displaying any mentions for your business in the press. If any popular media makes a post or mention you in an article, you should take advantage of that and add it to your website. Some websites have designated sections with mentions in the press, as using the media logo and a short quote they made for the business.

Certificates, Accreditations, and Awards

Some businesses heavily rely on specific accreditations, which should be visible on the website. Even if you don’t necessarily need particular certificates, displaying any awards you might have will give your business credibility. Also, it will help you build trust and assurance that you are a reputable company to do business with.


In conclusion, being a young business makes it more difficult to prove your reputation, but it’s not impossible. Make sure your website is secure and showcase as much as possible information about your experience, certificates, and testimonials. Don’t forget about web design! If your website is looking dated you might consider a refreshment and contact us!

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