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How to improve the UX of your Website

30th May 2019
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User Experience is becomingly an increasingly important influence on conversion rates. In an often saturated market, it is now not enough to rely on the quality of your product or service when appealing to your target audience. The consumer now demands simplicity, efficiency, and convenience within their experience of your brand.  According to Inc, 38% of customers will also leave a site if it is unattractive. Web design, therefore, must prioritise these factors in order to increase conversion rate.



User experience is largely reliant on seamless navigation. Transitions from one page to the next should be as simple as possible in order to retain user interest. Directional cues should be apparent in order to keep your visitors informed of what their next step is. Convenient web design is responded to incredibly well and making sure your website is easy to navigate goes a long way to generate sales.


Simplified Messaging:

Following on from this, the layout of your website can have an impact on your user experience. Simplified sentences, icons, short paragraphs and bullet points can support an easier reading experience. AG Events utilise icons in order to quickly demonstrate the key features of their products. Immediately, the customer gains an understanding of the product and can decide quickly whether it is relevant to their needs before they lose interest.


Call to Actions

It is essential your call to actions are bold and obvious in order to direct your audience to the next step. Colour theory can even impact on conversion rates, so it is worth considering when deciding the colour of your call to action buttons. Messaging can also be a significant influence on conversion rates as demonstrated by A/B testing conducted during the Obama election. Learn More had a greater success rate than Sign up Now, Sign up and Join Now, overall there was a 40.6% improvement in sign up rate. Medium suggests that the more emotive, actionable and time-sensitive your call to action the more likely you are to see results.


Negative Space

Although it is tempting to clutter your website with information you feel is relevant for your target audience, including more white space can actually cause the more important information to be noticed. Cluttering your website can often be overwhelming and off-putting to your audience. Instead, minimalism goes along way and allocating adequate space can create a hierarchy of information for your user’s convenience.



The performance of your website can have a drastic impact on your conversion rate. According to  Econsultancy, 40% of people will leave a page that takes more than three seconds to load. Optimising performance with a faster loading time can decrease your bounce rate by engaging your audience quicker.


Final Thoughts

According to Mind Touch, improving user experience increased revenue by 35% for ESPN. User experience supports intuitive navigation with embedded directional cues so the user can overall have a more enjoyable interaction with your brand. This can be the deciding factor between a conversion and a bounce.

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