How to Elevate Your Business with Brand Guidelines

Abbey Warne
23rd November 2021
2 minute read

Want to stay organised? Consider putting together some brand guidelines. These will help your audience and those you work with understand how your business should be represented.

Guidelines will keep your brand messaging consistent across your website and social platforms, clearly communicating what your company does. These can help to elevate your business as they consist of standards and rules that your company should stick to as it grows. Without clear guidelines, the messaging and consistency of your brand risks being lost entirely.

Here are a few things you should include within your guidelines that will help to elevate your business and, therefore, allow it to succeed in the future:


Tell the story of your brand

Your brand should tell an authentic and compelling story, which will enable your audience to form a close connection with it. You want them to realise that yeah, you might sell great products, but there’s an actual living, breathing human behind the business too. A brand story needs to be made up of its main values, so, as a business owner, these should be what you care about the most.


Adjust your marketing strategy

Ensure your marketing strategy is fully planned and organised, as this will help to build brand awareness. Keep in mind that the messaging within your marketing materials should always be clear and consistent. You’ll also need to consider your audience’s interests, so connect with the influencers and media outlets they are likely to follow and engage with.

Tailor your brand voice

To perfectly tailor your brand voice, you first need to consider your audience and brand personality. For instance, you wouldn’t want to use a casual tone if your company has a customer base that consists of business professionals, such as doctors and lawyers. But, if your brand follows the ethos of having fun and socialising, appealing to those in their twenties, that tone is perfect.


Use specific logo guidance

When it comes to brand awareness, a logo is arguably the most important part. As your brand grows, your audience and potential customers should be able to associate it with the colour or font that’s used in your logo. It’s important to have set rules on how it should be used, too, so your messaging is communicated correctly. For inspiration, take a look at Facebook’s logo guidance.


Analyse famous examples

If you’re still feeling a bit stuck, why not check out a few examples from your favourite companies as to how their brand guidance is set out? Here’s a great example from Spotify. Researching these should also help you decide whether to set out your guidelines as a PDF or website and whether or not you want them to be publicly available.


The Takeaway

So, those are just a few points to keep in mind when it comes to making your brand guidelines. As it gets closer to the festive season, you might also want to take a quick look at our post on last-minute trends to consider for your festive marketing strategy.

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