How To Differentiate Your Website Through Custom Icons

30th April 2019
2 minute read

When designing your website, there are many different aspects to focus on from the visuals to the written content. Photographs and illustrations that reflect your business can instantly improve the aesthetics and usability of the site, making it more enjoyable for your target audience to view and engage with. However, there are other assets that can make for a more well-rounded user experience.

Custom icons can help to build upon your branding visually, as well as creating a more detailed experience that will guide users around your website. So how do you differentiate your website through custom icons? We’re sharing our tips to help your website stand out from the crowd.

Consistent style and branding

Firstly, icons should reflect your branding and style, ensuring to keep a consistent aesthetic that doesn’t take away from the overall goal of your website. Icons can be made to look professional for a more corporate styled website, or fun and colourful for a more casual style.

Keep them relevant

There are many websites that use generic icons for the sake of it, often not fitting the style or subject matter at hand. When you choose your icons, you need to ensure they are relevant to your industry as well as the content they are accompanying. They need to give context to the website and guide users rather than simply being a placeholder icon. For example, use icons that match each heading.

Don’t overdo it

When deciding where to place icons on your website, you need to make sure not to overdo it. You don’t need an icon for absolutely every heading or title, but rather place them strategically in a way that adds something to your website and makes the user experience more enjoyable.

Small details make a difference

Naturally, icons may be similar from one website to another, however, it’s the small details that can make all the difference. Whether your icons are more curved, sharp, sketched or bold, you can add your own unique style by using custom icons that will seamlessly integrate with the rest of your website.

Stand out from the crowd

When you initially think of an icon for a particular header, think outside of the box to try and come up a style that isn’t regularly seen. That way you will have icons that are relevant but unexpected, which can make your website stand out from the crowd amongst your industry. For example, you could opt for a more hand-drawn style such as the icons on

If you would like to discuss creating custom icons for your website and taking your brand to the next level, making it instantly recognisable, get in touch today!

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