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How To Choose The Right Keywords To Improve Your SEO

27th May 2019
2 minute read

In order for your website to be successful in attracting your target audience online, it is essential you follow the basic rules of SEO. One method of optimising your search engine rankings is to use keywords in order to attract the right audience. Researching the right keywords is a vital step in the process of optimising your website for higher search engine rankings. To be successful, you should aim to use your keywords throughout all aspects of your business in order to increase traffic to your site.


User Journey:

When researching which keywords are appropriate for your business it is essential you consider user journey. The steps leading up to someone searching for your business impact the word or phrase they are likely to enter into a search engine. The more accurate you are with your keywords the more likely you’ll appear within these searches. Understanding why a consumer would be interested in buying your product and investigating consumer behaviour of your target audience is important when identifying keywords and would be beneficial for SEO.


Search Methods:

This is very much dependent on your target audience but considering the choice of device used for searches can be an important factor when determining your keywords. An increase in technology which supports voice searches means people are searching more conversational, informal and longer phrases.

Additionally, if your target audience is within the young adult demographic, they’re more likely to be searching via a mobile device and often use short specific terms to find the results they are after.



It is worth researching your competition when developing your own SEO strategy. Your competitors demonstrate which keywords are working which can influence your own decision when choosing appropriate keywords.


Long-Tail Keywords:

Niche words and longer phrase keywords associated with your brand mean you’re more likely to show in relevant searches. Despite having lower search volumes, they attract more relevant traffic and are likely to have a positive impact on your conversion rates.


Assess the value:

There are certain factors which influence how beneficial a keyword can be for your business. It is worth weighing up how your keywords show potential in regards to relevance, search volume, competitiveness and intent. Balancing these factors can lead to attracting the right target audience who are more likely to convert.



Now you have a list of keywords that will ensure your webpage ranks higher in search engine indexes, it is important to consider where to place them. Keywords should appear throughout your webpage such as within your meta description tag, H1 and within your body content. It is important to not saturate your content with your keywords, we’d suggest using several variations or synonyms throughout. Connect Insolvency effectively highlights their service by using the word ‘Insolvency’ within everything from their business name to their body content. On every page of their website, they use the word ‘Insolvency’ in order to legitimise the purpose of their business and appear higher on search ranks.


Final Thoughts

In order to determine the right keywords for your business, Google Adwords is effective in providing accurate data on keyword search volume, trends and competition. Understanding the benefits of your keywords to your target audience will ensure you appear higher in search engine ranks and will increase traffic to your site. However, with constant changes in both search engine behaviour and search guidelines mean it is worth consistently checking your keywords remain relevant and update them when needed.

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