How To Boost Your Sales With Digital Marketing

Lola Connelly
11th January 2022
4 minute read

In this competitive market and the prominence of online shopping, understanding how to boost online sales has become increasingly important. Here, we will take you through some strategies to capture audiences’ attention and generate some exciting leads for sales.

If you want to get ahead of simply having a website, then you will need to have some strong digital marketing strategies in place. After all, grabbing the attention of your audience can be a difficult task and can be used to accomplish various goals. For instance, better engagement increased traffic and converting visitors into leads. All of which will help boost your sales.

Due to this, we have gathered five tips you can implement to attract prospective customers and increase your sales online.


  1. Create Value and understand your customers’ needs

This tip is vital. Knowing your customers’ online presence, preferences, interaction and preferred social platform is a key part of improving your sales. For instance, details such as location, age and interests provide valuable insight, as you create a sense of loyalty for your customers with effective targeted content. These details, for example, can be found through data analytics and customer feedback surveys. Use this data to help guide your prospective customers through each stage of the buying process: awareness, consideration and decision. The amount of unprecedented information you have access to is a massive advantage. So, target your information and make sure your content is valuable for your customers. And keep in mind that 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that provides a personalised experience.


2. Boost engagement and stand out on social media

Did you know that the average internet user spends two hours and twenty-four minutes on social media every day? In a lifetime this results in a total of 6 years and 8 months spent on social media! So, your social media and business content has to get to the point quickly and be engaging to maximise the customer experience. Take advantage of Facebook and Instagram shop as it will allow users to get the most out of their social media journey. Not only is social media great for advertising, but it also gives you the chance to engage with your audience. Here are some quick tips to entice sales with social media:

• Use the correct social media channel for your demographic
• Encourage more interactions with Instagram stories
• Optimise your hashtags
• Observe your competitors
• Start conversations with engaging captions
• Focus on quality product images
• Don’t underestimate the power of videos. 30 seconds to 2 minutes max, and hook viewers within the first 5 seconds

3. Spend time & effort on SEO

No matter your business, a successful marketing strategy should include constant content creation, and there are various mediums you can use. For instance, Graysons Properties takes advantage of blogging, a fantastic way to boost up SEO, create a positive reputation and provide reliable and interesting advice. The higher your website ranks, the more traffic you will create and the more sales you will generate. For example, the first five results on Google account for 67.60% of clicks, so it is a critical technique to lead prospective customers to your website.
High ranking keywords, which can be used within blogs are a basic aspect of SEO, however, you can also include:
• Backlinks
• Meta titles
• Social media pages
• Online directories

4. Over-communicate and be available for your customers

When face-to-face communication is limited, transparency is key to building trust and delivering promises. And whilst you yourself may not be available for your customers 24/7, a live bot chat or Facebook Messenger bot can be fundamental for customer questions on your behalf. If customers do not find a solution to their problem, there is a good chance they will not return. In addition to this, make sure your website is user and mobile-friendly, create a strong first impression and promote user reviews. If you have a large amount of positive online reviews, you can include these within landing and product pages.

5. Use discounts to your advantage

Discounting can be a great way to increase sales, and there can be many different reasons for introducing this sale. For example, festive events, rewarding loyal customers and birthdays. You could also add a sense of urgency by adding a time limit on a product. However, keep in mind that bad discounting strategies can be damaging to the perception of your brand. So make sure to make discount limits, create a price range and create a tailored strategy.


That’s it!

We hope this has given you some ideas on how you can boost your sales within digital marketing. If you are thinking of how you can make your website even better, then check out our blog on how you can make your website as user-friendly as possible.

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