How Can A Custom Logo Design Benefit Your Brand?

21st May 2019
2 minute read

Logo design is a key asset to any brand, significantly improving brand positioning and identity. As the first impression, a consumer has of a brand, logo design is an important factor in supporting your business success. Custom logo design involves choosing a unique combination of imagery, colours or illustration in order to accurately represent your brand. Incorporating this within your brand strategy can be a major influencer in how well your target audience receives your brand and has several benefits for your company.  



Custom logo design allows your brand to become more identifiable to your audience. Having a unique symbol allows you to stand out from your competition. Establishing a familiar and recognisable symbol will go a long way to securing your position as a dependable brand for your audience.  



A personalised logo design presents the opportunity to define your brand as different from competitors. Research is key with logo design and seeing how similar companies present themselves through their branding will give you a competitive advantage to designing a successful logo. Having a unique logo will allow you to effectively and quickly differentiate yourself from the competition. You may choose a safer option to align with your brand identity, however, customised logo design will give you the opportunity to experiment and allow your design to stand out.


Brand Values:

Customising your logo allows you to tailor your branding towards specific brand values. Again, as the first impression for consumers, logo design should be perceived as an opportunity to communicate the key aspects of your business with your audience. Whether you choose a clean and professional or a bold and playful design, your logo should effectively represent your business identity in a way that appeals to your audience.



Custom logo design improves your ability to appear as a cohesive brand. Using your own logo design throughout various marketing material is often reflective of a well-organised company. Not only this, but custom logo design can provide a connection between your online and physical brand.



Opting for a quick and standard logo design poses many disadvantages such as not accurately representing your brand. Additionally, this method often does not produce a range of file sizes needed for different platforms. A custom design grows with your business and is adaptable to many mediums from letterheads to billboards.


What makes a custom logo design successful?

There are many factors that can influence the success of your custom logo, ideally, it will become an effective pictorial representation of your brand that attracts customers. Illustration, imagery, and colour can help make your business stand out, but take note of colour theory in order to project the right values for your audience. Chase Park, a specialist neurological care home, is an example of how custom design works. Using an illustration of the care home, the Chase Park logo effectively demonstrates their values of home and comfort while representing their physical location. Chase Park has successfully identified the value that differentiates them from competitors and has chosen to foreground this to potential customers. It is this process that makes custom logo design successful.

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