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Homepage Sliders… Good or Bad?

28th March 2018
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It feels like homepage sliders have been around forever… Bespoke designs and templates often incorporate image sliders, they display two images or more on rotation and typically span the entire width of the page. In this post, we will discuss the perceived advantages and disadvantages of sliders according to the web design cognoscenti.


  • Imagery – Sliders allow the site to display multiple images on rotation, this allows more focus on each imgae with image specific text also.
  • User Experience – Because the images rotate, there is a chance the user will stay for longer on your homepage learning more about your products and services.
  • Call To Action – The slider allows to not only add one call to action button, but possible a number of different ones on the rotating images. For example, book now, more info & download brochure.

We used an image slider on business & personal security experts RWSSI‘s new website recently. There are four different striking images on rotation, all with a call to action button and title.

RWSSI Slider


  • Slow Loading – Developers argue that sliders slow down the loading of your site by adding unneeded images and code.
  • Unresponsive – Sliders don’t always work or look as impressive on mobile devices as desktops. According Statista over 50% of all website views were done via mobile last year.
  • Lack Of Focus – Using a slider potentially lacks focus on your strongest offering or key objective. Encouraging you to dissolve your key message over multiple slides.

To Slide Or Not To Slide?

Well, that’s up to you… But here are some tips from us whether you slide or not!

  • Focus On One Message – You have built a website for a reason, make sure that is the key focus or your home page.
  • Striking Images – Whether you use a slider or not, make sure the images you chose are striking and bold.
  • User Experience – Keep this as your main focus! It’s all about conversation rates, keep the user on your site as long as possible at all costs.


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