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Getting the Most Out of Your Blog Functionality

Ben Kershaw
4th June 2022
3 minute read

At Sleeky, we offer a few different bundles of functionality and integrations, the most common within our clients being a blogging section, but why? When used properly, a blog can bring you more benefits than you might realise!

As with everything, it’s important to have a plan before you implement a blog. As much as I’m sure you want to get active and posting whatever, there are a few different things worth thinking about. Luckily, we have our own active blog here on Sleeky (obviously) and know a thing or two about their use, here are some reasons you should make a blog:


Range of Online Presence

The introduction of a blog to your website gives an extra layer of substance to your online presence. A finished post is something you can share across your alternative marketing channels to increase traffic to your website. It can also help, for example if a user searches a rather specific topic on Google that matches your blog posts title you would show up (hopefully) where you might not have before. Widening your spread so to speak.

Engage with an Audience

Providing a good balance between knowledge and insights to your daily affairs can really boost engagement with your audience, giving a more human connection between business and customer. Teaching users the details of your service, but keeping it kind of informal and entertaining is important though because I’m sure people won’t come to read your essays!


This is the biggie. Google loves sites that are updated regularly, showing them at the top of the search results in most cases. Committing to producing regular, top quality blogs can result in a few SEO based benefits:

  • Other sites link to your blog as a source of information
  • Increased traffic seeking knowledge

Top Tips to Get the Best From Your Blog

Keeping your blog active, posting at regular intervals is key, but be sure to not burn through all of your content too quick and leave yourself with nothing to post! Here are a few things you can do to get the best out of you blogging section:

  • Tag your blog posts with your keywords (Digital Marketing, Design etc.)
  • Provide knowledge and education to the reader
  • Make sure said knowledge is relevant to your industry
  • Break up the knowledge with insights and updates for the company
  • Use your blogs to link to your other services (CTAs)


The Wrap Up

Blogging can be very beneficial to your website and business as a whole, if used correctly. It’s also fairly straightforward if you know what you’re doing, check out our blog page for some inspiration!

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