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Five Questions Your Website Should Answer

29th March 2018
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If you are thinking about designing a website or you currently have a site, it should be answering these five questions.

What are you selling and what’s the cost? 

It seems simple, but so many websites get it wrong. Make sure the primary focus of your site is apparent to the reader and to search engines. It should be immediately evident in the first few seconds of landing on your site what you are selling and what the site is all about.

What makes you better than the rest?

What’s your unique selling point, what makes your products or services better than your competitors? Make sure you answer all these questions clearly and succinctly on your site. This is the real way to gain lots of leads or generate vast amounts of sales.

What examples can you show me of your products or services in action? 

Case studies are vital to any website selling products or services. They add validity and gravitas to your brand by showing previous examples of your work that potential clients can peruse. Photos and quotes can add further weight to case studies as can testimonials.

Can people navigate your site easily?

Most people who land on your website have the attention span of a goldfish. They need to be drawn quickly and be able to navigate around your site with the utmost ease. The user experience is vital here to keep your potential client’s attention and therefore creating a lead or sale.

How can people contact you? 

There is absolutely no point having fantastic products or services at great prices if nobody can contact you to order them! This should be simple and involve as few steps as possible to help improve the customer journey. You could have a contact form, phone number or email link.


We’ve been working with a leading North East roofing contractor on their website and we kept all of the above questions at the forefront of our mind when designing and building it. They sell roofing services, and you can request a quote very quickly, their craftsmanship is their USP. They have a fantastic mega menu, extensive case studies page and an easy to use the contact form located in several locations on the site.

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