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Ecommerce, why use it?

21st June 2024
4 minute read

Ecommerce has become increasingly more common and used by business, should you start too?

Ecommerce is the process of buying or selling a product over the internet. It’s been around since the 90’s and it’s only become more popular over the years, especially with the rise of social media, influencers and became the main way for a lot of people buying and selling products during COVID-19, Instagram and TikTok have sponsors and shops on their apps with influencers endorsing the products, having the shops be in the app too makes for a smooth purchasing experience making it easy for people to buy the products.

Ecommerce is extremely popular and there are many reasons why online businesses should consider taking advantage of it.

Reaching More Customers

Using ecommerce means that you’re able to reach a wider range of customers to buy your products. Ecommcerce can help your business and brand reach a potential global audience giving more people access to your products so there will always be an opportunity for business if more people have access to the products. Combined with social media it’s never been easier to find a large audience for your products, especially if social media influencers endorse the brand.


As ecommerce has become bigger so have all the different platforms that offer different security measures to make sure your information is safe which can make you and your customers feel safe that their information won’t be going anywhere and distils the stigma that online purchasing is unsafe. Security is very important and there is a lot of software that is dedicated to helping information stay secure from hackers.


More Benefits

  • Always Available:  As the nature of ecommerce, unlike a physical shop, ecommerce is available at any time and anywhere leading to your shop being accessible at all time zones, leading to your schedule to also be flexible and convenient for your customers.

Since the shop will always be available it’ll also help with reaching more customers as people from all over the world can view the shop making it easier for people to access and can increase the amount of people who buy from your shop.

  • Advertising Ease: With ecommerce being based online, one of the best places to advertise is on social media, be it partnerships with influencers or advertising the brand on the brands social media platforms, going on lives on TikTok and Instagram to engage with potential customers and advertise your products in person is a good way to get people interested in buying your products.


Ecommerce is an extremely useful and popular, with many people actively buying and selling products online everyday it’s hard to ignore just how popular ecommerce is in everyday life. These are just some of the many reasons why you should consider using ecommerce!

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