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Digital Marketing Trends to Consider for 2022

Abbey Warne
5th December 2021
3 minute read

Can you believe it’s almost 2022? Nope, we can’t either. But, the beginning of another year means that you need to be on track with the latest trends that can help market your business.

Since 2020, we’ve seen a huge shift to online. Nigel Wright Recruitment, the leading and largest specialist recruitment agency in the North of England, confirmed that the growth in demand for digital skills since the pandemic has been significant across all industries. Of course, this has helped to elevate the digital marketing sector, which means that having an effective plan is now more important than ever.

Here are a few digital marketing trends to consider for 2022:


Digital Campaigns

Of course, there are still some great physical advertising campaigns, like the recent John Lewis installation in Newcastle, creating hype among visitors and locals ahead of their long-awaited festive advert. But, thanks to the pandemic, these campaigns are becoming increasingly digital.

Take Fenwick Newcastle’s Christmas Window. Thousands logged on from across the globe to watch its virtual launch this year, as well as, reportedly, 250,000 last year, in 2020. Another brand that has a great marketing strategy, is Air BnB. Their adventure-fuelled social media posts encourage people to use the app, and they build trust through user-generated content.

Artificial Intelligence

Now, we’re not on about a sci-fi movie where AI takes over. The form we’re talking about might not be as exciting to some people, but it certainly is to us!

From monitoring traffic to your site to predicting the purchases that customers are likely to make in the future based on past behaviours, AI can be used for a whole range of purposes.

By 2022, it will be essential to consider AI in your digital marketing strategy, which can help your site become more discoverable on search engines, resulting in a rise in organic traffic.


Online Events

Another popular trend born during the pandemic, online events are likely to stick around for years to come. Of course, previously, these were almost unheard of. But, in 2021, it might come as no surprise, that the number of companies planning online events doubled last year.

Nowadays, all it takes is a simple scroll through your social feed to see just how many webinars and online workshops are on offer. It’s a great trend to consider for your business, with the commute time to the event and nerves of arriving somewhere new completely factored out.


SEO & the ‘Zero Position’

For a decent number of years, SEO and Google Ads have made up a huge proportion of the digital marketing sector. And, changes that will take place in 2022, mean they will be more important than ever, with Google planning to expand on the ‘featured snippets’ in the ‘zero position’ of the search engine results. That’s the top result, above the ‘number one’ position.

If you’re puzzled, stay with us. The result that shows in the ‘zero position’ offers a ‘featured snippet’ of the relevant information related to a search query, usually accompanied by an image. This position is saved for industry leaders, so it’s crucial to build authority online.

User Experience

With so much competition online, a seamless user experience should be at the forefront of every organisation’s content marketing strategy. This includes fast-loading pages, as well as having a mobile-friendly site.

In fact, figures from January showed that nearly 93% of global internet users accessed the internet from their phones. So, scaling your site for mobile is vital. It should also be easy for users to navigate and it’s a good idea to ensure there’s not too much information on each page.



In a nutshell…

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for your digital marketing plan in time for 2022. Check out our post on building your online business strategy to help you stay on track for the year ahead.

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