Dear Designer… I Don’t Know What To Name My Brand!

8th December 2016
2 minute read

We look at common questions we get asked and how we can help to resolve them.


Client: I’m starting up a new business and I don’t have a logo or name!
Sleeky: What does your business do?
Client: We are a new start-up with a fantastic invention that’s going to take the world by storm!
Sleeky: OK, great. A few questions will help us come up with your brand identity.


Client: What’s a brand identity?
Sleeky: It’s your logo, name, website, colours – basically the overall ethos of your brand. It all needs to be coherent and consistent
Client: Ah I see
Sleeky: Do you have any ideas or preferences or do you want us to develop some names and concepts?


Client: We know which colours we like but that’s it.
Sleeky: OK no problem. We have branding packages to suit all requirements and budgets. We’ll help your business develop a brand identity that will really make you stand out from the crowd!

Do you need help with your brand identity? Give us a shout and see how we can help.

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