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Content Marketing For Summer 2021

Hannah Telford
11th June 2021
3 minute read

Did you know that there is scientific evidence that suggests most people are happier during summer?

Studies have shown that a lot of changes happen within ourselves during this seasonal shift; our sleeping patterns change, our eating habits are transformed and all the sunshine boosts our vitamin D levels, making us feel better inside and out.

So, you’re probably wondering; “how is this relevant to me and my business?”.

Summer moods can have a direct effect on consumer behaviour, which means content that might have been appealing during the depths of winter might not be pushing people’s buttons when the sun is shining. It’s time for a content strategy shake-up. Here are five tips on how to tailor your content for summer 2021.

It’s time for a strategy shake-up. Here are five tips on how to tailor your content for summer 2021.


Create posts about Summer Holidays and National Days

Whether it’s International Day of Friendship, World Emoji Day or National Tell A Joke Day, there is plenty to celebrate during July and August.

Find a national day that suits your brand’s persona and relates to your industry (whether it be an online imaginary day or a tangible event) and use social media hashtags to boost engagement and add a bit of light-hearted fun to your content.

Tailor Your Products or Services to the Season

Getting in shape for summer doesn’t just mean heading to the gym to work on your beach body, it also means positioning your products and services in a way that will appeal to your customers this season.

With an increase in the number of brands developing digital marketing strategies, it’s important that businesses are aware of the changing wants and needs of consumers during the warmer months in order to keep those loyal customers returning.

With that in mind, blogging is an effective marketing tool that can help customers understand why they need your service. Do you have a skincare business? Then write a blog post on the products that contain SPF. In the automobile industry? Write an article on safety tips for travelling with your furry friends in hot weather.

Whatever industry you are in, including summer tips that are related to your business is a sure-fire way of getting customers hot for your products.

Engage with your online community

Spruce up for summer by actively interacting with your online audience. We all know how important social media is for connecting to customers, whether it be a tool for answering customer queries, responding to complaints or gaining valuable feedback.

If you already have a tight-knit online community, consider creating a branded hashtag this summer; for example, encouraging followers to share their staycation experience. Be aware of local summer events and join in virtual conversations – let your customers know that their experiences matter.

Keep imagery bright & breezy

Thematic colour palettes are an effective way of creating a positive and upbeat content feed to reflect your audience’s summer mood. If the industry you are in doesn’t exactly scream summer visuals, then take the time to re-share content from other pages in your network and create meaningful connections.


Re-purpose & re-promote

Did you know that re-purposed content has the potential to produce a 62% increase in online engagement? If your editorial calendar from last year performed well during the summer months, don’t be afraid to change the format and re-post. Turning a seasonal blog post into an infographic or creating a Instagram reel to promote this summer’s discount instead of last year’s static images can reinforce important brand messages.


“Consistency is key when it comes to content”

Whilst consistency is key when it comes to content, it is important to bear in mind the changing needs and behaviours of your customers throughout the year in order to stay relevant and engaging in the online sphere.

To find out more about how content marketing can benefit your business and your online presence, read our social media blog post here.

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