Colour Theory For Your Business

Jennifer Betts
20th June 2023
2 minute read

When we think about branding, we tend to think about icons (think Apple or Nike) and potentially even fonts (we all know what Cadbury’s font is right?) but every little thing is thought about, even down to the specific colour.

What Is Colour Theory?

But what exactly is colour theory?

Broadly speaking, colour theory is a set of guidelines that designers or marketers (or anyone else who wants to get involved!) use in order to best communicate to the audience their ideology and branding.

It plays heavily on colour psychology and believe it or not, our human emotions.

How Can You Use This For Your Business?

Now, it’s all well and good having an idea of what it is, but how can it be used to a business’s advantage?

You may have heard us banging on about how important your website design is in terms of your business, as people have made their first impression within 0.05 seconds of looking at your website, and it’s absolutely no different with your overall business branding! In fact, did you know that up to 90% of quick judgments made about a brand can be based on colour alone?

If people are going to make snap judgements about your business – you’ll want to make sure that you’re in control!

Colour Breakdowns

As we mentioned earlier, this all plays on colour psychology, and how various colours evoke certain emotions.

If your business offers hypnotherapy, a calming blue may be suited – but let’s take a further look into this!

  • Red
    • When we think of red, we think bold, courageous, adventurous. But did you also know that it’s thought to stimulate your appetite? It makes sense when you think of some of the brands that use red: KFC, Coca Cola, Kellogg’s, Virgin and Nintendo just to name a few!

  • Orange
    • Orange is happy, fun and confident. It exudes friendliness and vitality. Some of the brands that feature the colour orange are: Nickelodeon, Easyjet, Penguin and Fanta.

  • Yellow
    • Did you know that we tend to see yellow first and foremost? This bright nature of yellow gives us a feeling a of optimism, clarity and warmth. A fantastic colour for standing out from the crowd, big brands include: McDonald’s, DHL, National Geographic and IKEA.

  • Green
    • Green represents life! The colour of the natural world, green brings us health, growth, and freshness. Think: Starbucks, Animal Planet and Heineken.

  • Blue
    • The colour of trust, logic and stability – it’s also ranked as the world’s favourite colour! Due to the strength of the colour, it’s popular amongst the corporate businesses/banks, such as: Twitter, Oral-B and Visa.

  • Purple
    • Purple symbolises wisdom, wealth and sophistication. The colour of royalty, some of the brands include: Cadbury, Hallmark and Premier League.

  • Black
    • It may seem like a negative colour, however black exudes elegance, power and authority. It’s a staple of the marketing world, and many luxury brands lead with black branding such as: Chanel, Apple and Prada.

Colour theory affects your business, and there’s no getting around that! Ensure that your target audience get the right first impression – and you’re off to a good start.

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