Catch Up with the Sleeky Team

Abbey Warne
8th December 2021
3 minute read

Although 2021 has been another challenging year, this hasn’t stopped our team from doing what they do best. From trialling new ways of communicating to taking on several new hires, we’ve become stronger than ever.

So, what does a typical office day at Sleeky look like? Well, that can vary, with a mix of skills across our dedicated team. From photography to marketing, project management and more, we can’t wait to give you an insight into what our team members have been up to.

So, what has everyone been up to?



In-house Photographer

Sleeky Projects:

“I recently took pictures of every Mr Vikki’s product which was fun! There are a few projects in the works for our lifestyle blog Listed, such as an article for a local independent artist as well as hopefully introducing more fashion content into the magazine.”

Recent Holidays:

“On my holiday I went to Belgium for a week to visit my partner. It was lovely to spend quality time together after a few months apart doing things that we enjoy, such as visiting nearby scenic towns, road trips, shopping and trying new food at restaurants! My favourite restaurant that we visited was an independent Mexican restaurant.”



Graphic Designer

Sleeky Projects:

“Since starting Sleeky in October, I’ve been creating all sorts, from label designs for cleaning products to website templates for HLF Interiors. Every day is different, and every day is busy. Designing website templates takes up most of my day to day at Sleeky. I’m currently working on a design for TCU Group in the North East, which has been a fun project, refreshing their brand and modernising the website. Alongside this, I have been creating a series of labels for Pro19, a cleaning company. I have created 5 new labels for their new professional cleaning range, taking into consideration their core brand values.”

Recent Holidays:

“I have recently just returned from a city break with my boyfriend to Krakow. What a gorgeous place, we did all the cultural things, all the sad things and a lot of eating Polish foods, mostly for the first time. I can highly recommend Starka restaurant in the Jewish quarter; the best meal I’ve ever had!”

We love the sound of this!




Marketing Executive & Project Coordinator

Sleeky Projects

“I have worked across a wide range of different projects over the past few months. As I am now involved in project management, I get to work across all of them and stay in the loop of what’s going on in each area of the business. Also, I do Sleeky marketing as well as social media management for clients.”

Recent Holidays:

“This year, I went to Edinburgh on a shopping and tourist adventure in July. I also visited my family in Poland, in September. There, I did some great shopping, had amazing food, and enjoyed some family time. Overall, it was pretty relaxed and chilled!”



Busy time at Sleeky HQ

As you can see, we’ve kept ourselves busy both in and out of the office. We’re proud to say we’re an incredibly inclusive and cultured group of creative which means we’ll say no to a plate of pierogi or tteokkbokki.

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