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Should your business be more like Rita Ora?

13th August 2015
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Rita Ora is undoubtedly one of the stars of Instagram, the photo and video sharing website, with her 5.5 million followers making her one of the UK’s most popular.

But should your business follow her lead and post your goodies for all to see, or is Instagram best left to people taking pictures of their lunch?

Instagram’s reach is huge with over 14 million users in the UK and 300 million globally, even more than Twitter’s 284 million. However this doesn’t necessarily mean it is ideally suited to every business.

This why we’ve prepared a helpful guide for newbies. If you answer yes to the majority of the following questions, then Instagram is likely to be picture perfect for you:

  • Do you have visually attractive photos or videos relating to your business? If not, visitors are unlikely to be interested.
  • Would you describe your business as predominantly B2C? If no, your audience could be too narrow to make it worthwhile.
  • Does your website have a gallery, portfolio or product catalog? If no, it’s a clear sign that you don’t have anything add to Instagram.
  • Do you regularly post on Twitter or Facebook? If no, you’re unlikely to post on Instagram and there’s nothing worse than an empty or inactive profile.
  • Would someone outside your industry find the photos or videos interesting? If no, you’re unlikely to attract many followers.

So what was the result? If it was like that scene from When Harry Met Sally, then we’ll see you on Instagram (as will Rita!).

We recently joined too, so why not check out our profile at @sleekyuk or let’s become Instafriends.

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