Brand Identity Case Study: Advance Flow Pack

27th May 2015
2 minute read

The client approached us to assist with their new corporate brand. Previously known as GSP (UK) Ltd, they required a new brand identity, both to differentiate them from their Italian parent company and to drive new sales within their domestic marketplace.

We started by identifying their best selling point – reliable and well supported flow wrapping machines – and agreed with the client on the name Advance Flow Pack. This name, and the fact that the machines run continuously and reliably suggested that the logo should somehow indicate forward motion. We tried a few variations on this theme:


Until a favourite took shape:


This logo uses a ‘hidden’ symbol – the sideways V. This indicates the forward motion of both the product and the after-sales service, whilst still being unmistakably a letter V. We moved onto colour and agreed on a combination of teal blue and sandy orange – the orange a striking bright colour which would translate well to the side of a flow wrapping machine or fleet vehicle, the blue to symbolise the reliability and heritage of the company, and the bold, recognisable strength of the Futura typeface suggesting trust and long term relationships.



Following the logo project we produced a website and further publicity materials for the company, which has happily reported a successful start to the life of its new brand.

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