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Behind the scenes: The design process and revisions

12th December 2018
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To make sure our projects are delivered in a timely manner, we use project guidelines – they help us present our design process to the clients and this is how we make sure the clients know what they are expected to do to help us ensure smooth project delivery. An important part of this process is the design revisions stage – the aim is to complete all revisions in one iteration, otherwise, the projects might get delayed.


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Design Brief

Design brief is actually a questionnaire the clients are expected to fill in before the project starts. Combined with the information we’ve collected in initial stages of communication, this brief is a starting point of our design process – it helps us understand the main goal of the project, client’s business, industry and competitors, based on which we conduct a research that will prepare us for the next stage.

Design Concept

Design concept starts once we get a full understanding of the requirements. The design concept is a visual representation of clients’ new website – at this point, website structure, layout, call to action buttons and other design elements are visually presented to the client. We encourage our clients to commit their time to review the design concept and collect feedback because if it is not done carefully, the following stages can be affected.

Design Feedback

After reviewing the design concept, the client is expected to send us their feedback listing all the changes they want to make to the design concept. Having another conversation about the changes and revisions helps us understand what clients want and we are ready to move on the next stage.

Design Revisions

Our standard engagement allows up to one redraft unless agreed otherwise. Design revisions are a very important part of the process because they help us evaluate the quality of our communication with clients and the overall effectiveness of the process. A successful project is the one that has only one redraft rather than multiple revisions and a good example is the website building project we have done with Abbey Masterbatch Ltd, a major masterbatch manufacturer & supplier offering a range of thermoplastic masterbatch products including black, white additive, colour masterbatch, speciality polymer based grades, and  pigment dispersions. The client collected their feedback in a clear and understandable way and the design was approved after one set of amends.

Design Approval

Once the design concept is approved, we are ready to move on to the next stage of the process, however, this stage is website development, so we’ll leave it for one of the next blog posts 🙂 .


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