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An Insight Into Videos In Website Design

Ben Kershaw
18th June 2022
3 minute read

The world is an amazing and technologically advanced place. With every passing day, there are new breakthroughs in the digital realm – and there’s absolutely no excuse for your website to fall behind. It’s now not enough to just have an online presence. Yes, you may have a website – but if this hasn’t been updated within the last few years – you’re already a dinosaur.

So – how do you keep up with the times?

Branding-wise, there are 3 things you really need to take into account: you need to ensure that your website properly reflects your brand’s personality, you need to make sure your content is current and you certainly need to capture your audience’s attention. After all, according to the 2022 Digital Experience Benchmark Report by Contentsquare, the average time spent on a website page (across all industries) is just 54 seconds. An easy way to add a little ‘oomph’ back into your website is by using video.



A Short History Of Video

It’s almost mind-blowing to think that something that is so engrained into our society and culture started off life as 24 still photographs of a horse galloping in 1878. In fact, up until the 1900s, videos were typically under a minute long – and it wasn’t until around the 1930s when motion pictures started being produced with sound. (You may also know this as the ‘Golden Age of Hollywood‘. Think Casablanca, or Gone With The Wind!)

With the rise of the motion picture, came the rise of television. Videography for mass consumption – what’s not to like! The first commercially made black and white television sets became common household items in the 1950s, followed by the switch to coloured television sets in the 1960s. Ever since then, the art of videography has snowballed into what it is now. The devices have gotten smaller and smaller, and the quality has gotten higher and higher.

So why not incorporate this and utilise this in your website design?

The Benefits Of Using Video

Now you know a little more about the background of video, let us get into the benefits of incorporating this into your website design!

It’s Engaging

As mentioned previously, you really don’t get that long to make an impression when it comes to your website. We hate to say it, but the World Wide Web is a vast place and it is most definitely bursting at the seams when it comes to content. Because of this, you need to engage your audience, and you need to do this quickly.

Imagine two websites, both getting across the exact same information but with different content. One is a webpage full of only text. The other has a fraction of the text split up with bite-size, easy-to-digest video clips. Which website are you most likely going to choose? Exactly.

It Shows Personality

In life, it’s not always about fitting in – it’s about standing out! And your website isn’t any different. Making sure that your brand comes across to your audience exactly how you intend is no easy feat, and on top of that, it can literally be life or death for your business.

Using videography is a perfect way to help inject personality and life into your brand, quickly and easily. It’s one thing telling people you’re fun and exciting through words and imagery – but for them to see it with their own eyes? That would really drive home that message – and you didn’t really have to do anything!

It’s Convenient

Let’s be honest, life is hard enough as it is. Do we really need to be spending our time trying to decipher unnecessarily long paragraphs and words? There is truly nothing more convenient than a video (and I understand the irony of you reading a blog telling you people prefer to consume video content!).

Instead of telling people in writing how your product works – show them! A well-thought-out video is a great way to complement your existing content and to strengthen your message with the audience.

Where To Add Video

Hopefully, by this point, you’ll be thinking ‘This sounds great! But where can I add a video to my website?’ and the short answer is – anywhere you like! One of the easiest ways to incorporate videography within your website is via the homepage hero, a trick GVR Geo has used. This gives your website an instant ‘wow’ factor and perfectly sets the tone for your business.

Another easy way to inject some personality onto your website via video is the about page. As a general rule, people enjoy seeing who’s behind the business. Show your audience that you’re not just another faceless organisation and really let them see who you are!


The Wrap Up

It’s true, some sectors will find it easier and more impactful to have videos on their website, but it doesn’t mean that the rest of you have to miss out. From showing people the wonders of your cleaning product (look how easy and quick it is!) to telling them your history and ethos – almost every website can include a fun and engaging video!

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