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All About The Footer

5th November 2019
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Footers tend to get a lot less attention that the header. There’s no surprise there, as the average attention span has decreased from 12 to 8 seconds, it’s important to engage your users straight away. However, your footer isn’t something that should be neglected.

What is a footer?

A footer is an area at the bottom of every page on a website. It stays consistent throughout all of the pages and can contain important details about the business.

In the past, website footers were used as a dumping ground for links and information. Visually, it wasn’t uncommon for them to contain extremely small text that was hardly legible. As time has passed, like a fine wine, footers have matured.

Believe it or not, your footer can be an important reference point for your website users. Want to learn more about why footers are important? Carry on reading below!

So, do people use footers?

The quick answer is yes, they do.

It’s true that footers may get less attention than anything above the fold on an everyday basis, but that doesn’t mean they’re never used.

There are two main reasons that someone might look at the footer of a website.

Your user wants more information

This first is that the potential customer on your website either hasn’t found the information they want or they need more information. A footer gives you a second chance to convince the user that you are correct for them.

Maybe your website user has had a look through your homepage and has decided against going with your brand but they’re still interested in learning more about you. The footer is the perfect place to show what else your company can offer and maybe even convince someone to sign up to your mailing list.

If a customer needs more information, sometimes a website user will go straight to the footer to see if there is any relevant information.

For example, think about if someone wanted was looking for applying for a job on an ecommerce website. It wouldn’t make sense to put that information in the global navigation as it’s not a page that a typical customer would be looking for.

The footer is a discreet area to neatly and clearly put in pages of the website that haven’t made it to the global navigation. This can include a contact us, privacy policy or a terms and conditions page.

Talking about an contact us page, this leads us to the second reason. Users often scroll to the footer straight away if they’re looking for contact information or social media links. These are all important things to place within a website, no matter what the primary goal of it is.

High Life North uses the footer to not only put in their contact details and social media information, but they also use it for a last minute call to action.

Is it worth it?

Sure, your footer won’t be the top priority of your website, but it’s still worth putting time and effort into. It give the users who aren’t fully satisfied with the website more information, and it doesn’t get in the way of users who already are.

As far as we can tell, footers are a cost free addition to your users experience. It can definitely help some people, and it definitely won’t hurt!


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