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A Beginners Guide to Inbound Marketing

Ben Kershaw
11th July 2022
3 minute read

No one likes being bossed around and coaxed into a purchase, it never feels like the right decision if a product is almost forced on you. Inbound marketing is all about posting relatable, enticing content rather than sell, sell, sell, and can help to build long lasting relationships with customers. How do people do it, and what makes it so effective?

Nowadays, the most effective sales methods don’t involve pushing a product, but rather education, entertainment and top quality content. With the accessibility of the internet, more specifically things like Social Media, Inbound Marketing is made all the more viable and seems to be the go-to marketing solution of many brands. Creating and posting useful, free content across your marketing channels is said to build trust, make a more humane relationship and build a foundation for your customers to make informed purchases from you.


A Quick How-To

Your online presence is at the heart of your inbound marketing strategy, the more established you are online the more effective your marketing will be. Starting from scratch and looking to use inbound marketing can be tough, the first step is to get visible and gather somewhat of an audience using relatable content, following and engaging with users on social media is key to this. Check out Boosting Your Digital Presence on 16 Design for a few tips.

There are three stages to inbound marketing:

  • Attract
  • Engage
  • Delight

All fairly straightforward, you are aiming to attract a customer, engage with them and leave them happy with the outcome, simple!


Be active online, you can’t attract customers that are unaware of your existence. Posting quality content and going out of your way to engage with other brands and users on your marketing channels is the perfect start, people go viral for anything these days why not make something unique and give it a go?

Aside from your marketing channels, updating a website with valuable material like educative blogs, company insights and testimonials is a great way to build trust and connect with your audience. Showing people how you like to work and the details of what you do can be the tipping point in a sale.


Engaging effectively with your customers to further your relationship is key to them actually sticking around and perhaps recommending you to a friend, prioritise customer experience and maintain the friendly image you established in your attraction stage. There’s no point attracting customers with certain mannerisms if you’re just going to switch up how you act once they buy from you.

Inbound marketing is all about engaging in a relationship and understanding a customers needs rather than being sale oriented, offer solutions and advice before products.


So you’ve agreed a sale of your product or service, done right? Nope, you need to support your customer and give ongoing assistance to make the whole experience smooth and as good as can be. Turn yourself into a customer service agent rather than a salesperson following the transaction. Don’t push further sales, but try to make the experience into something they enjoyed and they are likely to return on their own accord.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Modern marketing and retail is largely done online already, making the inbound method very efficient. A purchasing cycle may start with a need for information or an answer to a problem, most would look to Google for this. Providing this education online, with a purchasable solution afterwards is a great way to build a relationship and still make a profitable sale, with little expense on the physical alternatives like meeting rooms etc.

Potential customers are free to check out your content on their own time, applying no pressure to the prospect and leaving them feeling informed and likely to engage again. Inbound marketing is also easily measurable for analytics, things like site traffic, messages and followers are all simple to keep track of.


The Wrap Up

Modern marketing is driven by online engagement and inbound marketing is the perfect strategy to boost your visibility and website traffic to gain customers. Still need a hand with your marketing? Get in touch with us!

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