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7 key features of an about page 

Chloe Toogood
1st November 2022
4 minute read

An about page is an integral part of your website. It’s the place that people will go to find out more about you and your business, and therefore should reflect on you as a brand.

It should be clear, and well thought out; an About Us page should never be an afterthought, for some brands the About Us page is their most visited, so just as much time should be spent curating this as any other page on your site.

What are some of the key features that every About page needs, and how do they create impact?


Staff Bios

An absolute staple for an About Us page is the staff bios. Whether you have a big company with lots of employees, or you’re just a small agency, having some information about your staff, coupled with some images can go a long way in making a good impression to visitors to your site.

Having a dedicated place for staff bios allows you to show some personality, and can reflect the kind of brand that you are. Fight or Flight are a great example of this, they have a great list of team members all with headshots that look friendly and personable. Another feature that is great is the hover function over each staff member’s picture, which allows visitors to the site to learn a little more about each employee. Again, this reinforces the friendliness and highlights each member of staff’s personality, which is crucial as it conveys to the site visitor what kind of brand you are.

It makes the brand seem more authentic, and real, and is a nice way for visitors to feel like they know the brand better than they actually do. One small issue with individual staff pictures is that it requires a lot of updating and changing when old staff leave, and new ones start. This is only minor though, and the positive impact that it has, more than makes up for any website amends needed.

Company Bio

This is a bit of an obvious point, but your About Us page definitely needs a company bio – it’s pretty much the whole point of the page! This is where you can get into the nitty gritty of the brand. Explaining your values, and giving a backstory to your brand is a good place to start.

This is something that one of our clients, The HLF Group, have done really well. They lay out where the business grew from, and touch on the life of their founder before creating the brand. By providing backstory, it engages the visitor to the site, and also allows them to follow the journey of the brand from conception to the present day.

It’s also worth considering emphasising your mission, whatever it is. This is key if you want to attract like-minded people to your company, whether that be recruiting them, or having them as a consumer of your products or services.


Add Value

What is it that makes your business stand out from all the others out there? What makes you different? Do you have a USP? It’s important that you already know the answers to these questions before you come to making an About Us page, and ideally you should be able to pinpoint what makes you unique upon conception of the brand. The About Us page is somewhere that provides a great place for you to answer these questions to show visitors to your site what you stand for. Your values could range from anywhere from promoting sustainability, to being cost-conscious, it really will be unique to each brand.


Links are an underused and forgotten about tool which can be really helpful when it comes to you About Us page. Many people find websites through the About Us page, and so links can highlight that parts of your brand that you really want to push, like social media, or physical products. There are 3 different types of links that you should consider using for your About Us page:

  • Social Links: these are as they sound, and are just links to your social media profiles, whether that be for Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. By allowing users to connect with your brand across multiple platforms, you increase engagement and conversion rates, and can also help you grow your social media reach.
  • Internal links: these kinds of links will direct users to specific things that you want them to look at. It could be a product that has made your brand well-known, it could be an award-winning service that you provide. Whatever it is, you should link it and get users to check it out!
  • Partner Links: if you work closely with other companies then it is a great idea to link them in your About Us page. It highlights that you are a part of a community of other like minder brands, which can really solidify your place in the business world.



CTAs are necessary all over your site, not just the About Us page. The whole point of them is to direct people to the other parts of your site that you want them to see, or to get them to take an instant action, like signing up for a newsletter, or downloading something from your site. By having them on the About page, you can guide people to other pages on the site; you don’t want someone to find your About Us page, and then not look any further. CTAs can make your site far easier to navigate, and can improve the user experience greatly. Not only this, but just like with linking to social media, CTAs can work wonders for conversion rates, increasing reach and engagement with your site.

Final Thoughts

The About Us page is a key page for your website. It’s where people can find out about your brand, its values, and where it came from. All these things are significant in creating an authentic feel to your brand, and makes it one that people want to connect with.

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